4 hours ago
“There was not much communication up until an event was getting shut down,” President of the IFC and College junior Bradley Freeman said. “Our goals were to form a relationship and better understanding between monitors and presidents.”
4 hours ago
Vice president of Sigma Alpha Mu and College junior Matt Foman said he felt the Greek community was a good place to start expanding mental health training. “I think that Greek life is a place where people can be very real with each other and aren’t really afraid to talk about more intimate things," he said.
4 hours ago
Two of the speakers at Penn's March for Science have associations with Penn: Paul Offit, who is the director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, and Ishmail Abdus-Saboor, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Neuroscience.
5 hours ago
College sophomore Sarah Lentz received an internship offer to work with Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Oh.) just before Election Day. Now, she said she is feeling apprehensive about working in Washington, D.C..
6 hours ago
Penn State University fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu has been suspended for two years after violating restrictions on alcohol use. 
6 hours ago
The Goldwater Scholarship is awarded each year to students around the country who intend to earn a doctorate and pursue a research career in math, engineering or the natural sciences.
8 hours ago
Police escorted a man in handcuffs out of Huntsman Hall on Monday around 12:30 a.m., College freshman Elizabeth Beugg, who witnessed the events, said.
9 hours ago
The small quake, measured at 2.3 on the Richter scale, caused no reported damages.
11 hours ago
Only residents of the Quadrangle, New College House, Kings Court English College House and Rodin College House will be able to swipe into the dorms from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday.
04/23/17 10:57pm
Held every year on the Friday of Fling, the feast serves as a way for the Orthodox Jewish community to come together and celebrate while honoring Shabbat — a weekly holiday where Orthodox Jews traditionally abstain from work and using electricity. 
04/23/17 10:46pm
It was the first time all these presidents came together in a public forum to discuss what the schools could do for Philadelphia, given that only 27.4 percent of the city's residents have a bachelor's degree and only 64 percent of graduates of Philadelphia-area universities stay in the city. 
04/23/17 10:09pm
The impending arrival of air-conditioning has given Quad residents something to celebrate. “I’m excited that AC is coming to the Quad,” Engineering freshman Colleen Campbell said. “Now I can sleep again.”
04/23/17 9:37pm
Called Art Attack, the event at the University of Maryland will feature Grammy-award winning rapper 2 Chainz this year. “The concert is a big deal because they usually get really good people,” College junior Ryan Berlin said. “Better people than Penn gets for Fling."
04/23/17 9:13pm
Power’s speech focused on the global refugee crisis, in light of not only President Donald Trump’s restrictions on refugee admission but also the sheer magnitude of the crisis, the “largest displacement crisis since the Second World War.” 
04/23/17 9:03pm
Although Trump’s revised travel ban for citizens of six Muslim-majority countries no longer applies to international students in the United States who have a valid visa, it has still affected students’ plans for the summer.
04/23/17 8:52pm
“It’s a fresh start,” Penn Labs co-director and Wharton sophomore Tiffany Chang said. “I think there [was] a lot of stigma around the app previously.”
04/23/17 8:18pm
Wharton freshman Linda Zhang said she has participated in over 10 experiments from the Wharton Behavioral Laboratory this year, earning about $100. “You can earn easy money," she said. "Like if [I] have an hour in between classes, that’s usually what I do."
04/23/17 7:52pm
A recent report by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers found that nearly 40 percent of American universities have seen a decrease in international applications since Trump's travel ban. 
04/23/17 6:21pm
Though they go by different names, spring concerts are an annual tradition at each Ivy League school. Here's a look at which performers the other Ivies are bringing to campus for their springtime festivities.
04/23/17 1:50pm
See what crimes occurred in the Penn Patrol Zone between Apr. 7 to Apr. 14.