3 hours ago
The lecture-style class will have 100 students and will "examine President Trump’s rise, using media, race, and gender as a lens for looking at the future of democracies" according to The Chicago Maroon.
3 hours ago
SEPTA also proposed a Route 49 bus that will provide easier transportation from Brewerytown and South Philly to University City, according to PlanPhilly. 
5 hours ago
“I think there is a better personal relationship between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu [than under the previous administration],” College junior Hannah Jaffe said. Jaffe is the Israel sector chair for Penn Hillel, the center for Jewish life at Penn.
6 hours ago
Magnum’s leave was determined last fall by a 10 to 1 approval for a separation agreement by the FAMU Board of Trustees. 
02/23/17 8:36pm
The speakeasy featured 10 people who performed original poetry, music, stand-up comedy and monologues — and highlighted voices not heard in the script of the play.
02/23/17 8:35pm
On Wednesday, Active Minds collaborated with Hillel Wellness to bring the Mental Health Through My Eyes program to the Jewish community. The roundtable discussion encouraged students to speak freely about how their faith affects their mental health.
02/23/17 7:12pm
“If this is an admitted student group, then we can decide at a certain point, let’s say the May 1 reply date, that that group no longer exists, that we take the group down,” Admissions Dean Furda said. “The purpose has already been served.”
02/23/17 10:53am
The discussion instructions asked students to, "[r]emind your groups that this is a safe space and a shared space."
02/22/17 10:14pm
During the University Council Open Forum today, students addressed many issues ranging from mental health to climate change.
02/22/17 9:51pm
“In light of the immigration ban, I think this program holds even more significance,” ELP Student Center Coordinator and College senior Joanna Xue said. 
02/22/17 9:34pm
Feb. 9: At 8:00 p.m. on the 200 block of S. 42nd Street, a complainant parked a vehicle on the highway in a parking space and found the vehicle missing on his return. The suspect, a 23-year old, unaffiliated male, was arrested.
02/22/17 9:31pm
President Trump told Fox News' Sean Hannity in April that legislation on the issue should be handled by state and local governments.
02/22/17 9:28pm
Mitchell’s reporting for NBC News — where she currently serves as veteran chief foreign affairs correspondent — has spanned five presidents and included coverage of Cuba, foreign policy and Congress, according to her biography on MSNBC.
02/22/17 9:23pm
College sophomore Anna Dailey founded Baby Bay Box as an online platform for parents to swap children’s clothing. The service's target market includes both families seeking to save money on children's clothing and environmentally conscious families who want to reuse clothing.
02/22/17 9:10pm
Wharton freshman and media chair of Fossil Free Penn Megan Kyne said she felt the off-the-record meetings between the club and the administration were not productive and did not allow for open communication between the two groups.
02/22/17 7:43pm
Lori Alf, the Penn Medicine ambassador scheduled to speak with former Vice President Joe Biden at a Feb. 23 event, will no longer be on the panel after a lawsuit accusing her of racist behavior was reported this week. 
02/22/17 3:32pm
Penn created these guidelines to "ensure the safety and protect the privacy of all members of the University community and promote compliance with all applicable federal and state laws."
02/22/17 12:48am
Much of the discussion focused on the Islamic State group, which Anderson said is more dangerous than Al Qaeda and the Taliban because those who join ISIS are poorer and often less religious than members of al Qaeda and the Taliban.
02/22/17 12:40am
“I came in incredibly skeptical and prepared to have my guard up on the defensive, but I thought there was some really awesome discourse,” Penn College senior Abbie Starker said. 
02/21/17 11:10pm
Engineering freshman Brian McGrath, who was studying computer science, withdrew from Penn in December and is preparing to start at Drexel University in the fall.