Response to 1990s crime shaped today's campus

About 20 years ago, crime on campus hit its peak — prompting a series of changes that fundamentally shaped the University and how it interacts with the community.
19 hours ago

The Higher Ed Round-Up

A weekly roundup of news around higher education.
21 hours ago

The Healthy Food Truck Initiative hosted its first panel on Thursday

College and Wharton junior Robert Hsu and Wharton sophomore Jessica Chen organized the panel as part of the Healthy Food Truck Initiative, an organization that they co-founded.
21 hours ago


Two years later, Tania Chairez still 'undocumented and unapologetic'

The DP sat down with the student activist, who recently was featured in Latina Magazine. 11 hours ago

Innovative marketing strategy brings success to Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz’s Nathan Tan, a supervisor of advertising, was hosted on campus last night by MUSE, Penn’s undergraduate marketing club. He discussed Mercedes’ strategies for survival as a luxury car brand in a slowly recovering economy.
21 hours ago

The tweeting professors

For academics, Twitter proves a useful tool.
19 hours ago

Faces of 2018 | Emmanuel Nkundunkundiye painted a path from Rwanda to Penn

The new admit survived the Rwandan Genocide. Today he's passionate about painting and business.
6 hours ago