7 hours ago
Halfway into Women’s Week, hosted by Penn Association for Gender Equity, students gathered in a Steinberg-Dietrich Hall to hear a group of women faculty members examine the future of feminism and gender equity under President Donald Trump’s administration. 
7 hours ago
Regina Cunningham will assume the position in April
7 hours ago
Graduate Employees Together — University of Pennsylvania, or GET-UP, has 1,100 members and wants to form a graduate student labor union at Penn.
8 hours ago
Team Haya qualified for the Regional Finals in Boston by winning the Hult Prize at Penn, proposing a plant-based toothbrush that does not require water or toothpaste. 
8 hours ago
Pottruck said in an interview with the Daily Pennsylvanian that the goal is to ensure that student-athletes acquire the necessary leadership skills to help them not only in the playing field, but also in their academic and professional careers.
9 hours ago
On Tuesday, DHS announced that individuals flying from Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Morocco would not be permitted to carry electronic devices bigger than a smartphone on planes.
9 hours ago
Although President Donald Trump is the highest-ranking Penn graduate in the federal government, other notable graduates of the University serve in Washington as well. Here are the four current members of the U.S. House of Representatives that hold Penn degrees.
9 hours ago
While few people think that a true zombie apocalypse in the style of The Walking Dead or World War Z is likely to happen any time soon, the drill is meant to simulate any large-scale public-safety crisis like a major disease outbreak, terrorism or a natural disaster.
10 hours ago
“They wanted people who had more knowledge of mechanical engineering,” Wharton and Engineering freshman George Pandya said. “I was able to get some experience with developing mechanical tools before I came here and that really helped me get the position when I applied.”
03/22/17 12:01am
Thompson spoke as part of the SPEC Connaissance & Film event in Irvine Auditorium on Tuesday
03/21/17 11:46pm
Lustick said he does not forsee progress toward resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the near future. "We have this so-called Nash equilibrium, where everyone — all the players are trapped on a global maximum, and it won't get off it."
03/21/17 11:37pm
Penn Political Coalition — the umbrella organization for political student groups — joined with College Republicans and Penn in Washington to host Reihan Salam, the executive editor of National Review, in Huntsman Hall. 
03/21/17 9:25pm
“Is the best latke you’ve eaten going to get any better?” he said. “I think we’ve got centuries of experience with good latkes ... the brighter days for hamantaschen are ahead.” 
03/21/17 9:12pm
The event features an all-female cast of speakers — including former Pennsylvania senatorial candidate Katie McGinty and New York Times associate digital editor Jazmine Hughes — who are business owners and leaders in their professional fields.
03/21/17 9:01pm
A large factor for many Penn students who stay on a meal plan is the convenience of dining halls and retail locations. Many of these students are athletes, who tend to crave hearty, ready-to-eat meals.
03/21/17 8:18pm
Students had the task of crafting a strategy to spark interest in Japanese society back at Penn.
03/21/17 3:10pm
President Amy Gutmann, Provost Vincent Price, Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli and Executive Vice President and Penn Med Dean Larry Jameson co-authored the statement. 
03/21/17 3:07pm
The administration’s response comes after a group of Penn graduate students known as GET-UP publicly announced their unionization movement earlier this month.
03/21/17 2:09pm
Grant, who is the youngest-tenured professor at the Wharton School, has been recognized as Wharton's highest-rated professor for the past five years.