14 hours ago
IFC leaders said they decided to publish the attendance rates for the first time this year in order to keep the different fraternities accountable for their participation. 
14 hours ago
“There’s a pretty clear distinction between the international foreign kids and the true foreign kids. I can’t imagine how they would feel, coming to a different country for university. I was technically coming back to a place I knew." 
15 hours ago
“We understand that there may be a feeling that [the Event Observers] are out shutting out all the parties right now,” said Executive Director of the Office of Student Affairs Katie Bonner. “I would like to dispel that myth." 
16 hours ago
Following student protests over a sexist email sent by off-campus organization OZ in 2016, the University set up a task force, which has just begun to implement a range of policies that have led to a widespread increase in event closures across campus.
16 hours ago
“I sat next to sophomores, juniors and seniors and I did the same work as them, I don’t understand why they would get the credit and I wouldn't." 
20 hours ago
Earlier this month, hackers broke into the system of credit-reporting agency Equifax and stole the private information of up to 143 million people.
21 hours ago
United by Blue's expansion marks the latest in a string of changes to the dining scene around Penn. 
09/20/17 11:48am
2013 Penn Law School graduate Jeremy Peskin has been working with Penn students affected by DACA through his initiative Borderwise.
09/20/17 2:25am
As of June, 37 of Penn's approximately 200 nonresidential campus buildings include at least one gender-neutral bathroom.
09/19/17 10:48pm
The first installment of Funny Fridays featured some “alternative comedy” in the form of video bits and a “less-than-conventional” stand-up set, organizers said. 
09/19/17 7:27pm
Many students are looking for a job in the energy industry and say the program's heavy research requirements aren't particularly relevant. 
09/19/17 6:15pm
Students held up signs that read "Don't teach us White Supremacy" and "We Know Enough about White History." 
09/19/17 1:20am
Dante Benitez has requested further investigation, pushing back his trial date to Dec. 12. Ivan Loginov has requested to enter a rehabilitation diversion program for first-time offenders. 
09/18/17 10:08pm
The Wistar Institute is the independent biomedical research institute located across the Quad. 
09/18/17 9:08pm
Students raised examples of police shutting down philanthropy events, birthday parties and small movie nights. 
09/18/17 1:00pm
Some Penn professors said they aren't concerned because many graduate programs at Penn have a strong reputation. 
09/15/17 4:18pm
Leaders of the group said a key area of concern is the issue of free speech on college campuses. 
09/12/17 9:00pm
"People could just freely talk to whoever they wanted to, dance on whoever or dance to whatever song however they wanted to.”
09/12/17 10:00am
College senior Andrea Klein said these fall events are an informal way to let students learn more about Greek life in a "low-pressure setting."
09/18/17 11:00am
 For the 2017-18 academic year, SRFS estimated the eating off campus was approximately $750 cheaper than eating on campus.