17 minutes ago
In his first public appearance since being elected into Trump’s Cabinet, Ben Carson spoke to students and faculty at Yale on Thursday night. Carson, a Yale alumus from the class of ‘73, discussed plans for his new political position.
34 minutes ago
Keep your coat, gloves and scarves handy: the below-freezing weather isn’t going away anytime soon. The city of Philadelphia and Montgomery County have declared a Code Blue, in effect until 6 a.m. Monday.
35 minutes ago
Harvard will not label itself a sanctuary campus, President Drew G. Faust said at a faculty meeting Tuesday.
50 minutes ago
Harvard President Drew G. Faust released a statement deciding not to name the Cambridge campus a “sanctuary” for undocumented immigrants, coming as a shock to many at Harvard. The decision is in stark contrast to statements made by Penn President Amy Gutmann earlier this month. But some religious campuses closer to home are following Penn’s lead.
1 hour ago
A new bill in California could require transfer students to include any history of sexual assault on their transcripts.
12 hours ago
Penn President Amy Gutmann declared Penn a sanctuary for undocumented students in a Nov. 30 email. Federal immigration agents, she said, will not be permitted on campus unless they have warrants.
21 hours ago
Wharton graduates Craig Elbert and Akash Shah launched a service last month aimed at guiding customers to purchase the right vitamins, according to Philadelphia.
12/08/16 12:22pm
2016 College graduate Tiffany Trump toured Harvard Law School Wednesday, Politico reported. She was seen by multiple students on campus, who said that she was escorted through the student center with the Secret Service, according to the article.