20 hours ago
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Chief Executive Officer Regina Cunningham believes "it will be an incredible advantage" for medical students to gain exposure to the hospital's new services and technology. 
05/25/17 2:13pm
On Thursday morning, the site's homepage was plastered with articles that seemed to target Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
05/24/17 9:00am
Gutmann's compensation package, a 6.09 percent increase from what she brought home in 2014, remains one of the highest in the country. 
05/24/17 8:15am
“The reason that I got interested in tech was its impact on other people,” Engineering junior Rani Iyer said. “One of the big strengths of Hack4Impact is definitely its community. We get a lot of people with similar values.”
05/22/17 8:30am
Johns Hopkins' Board of Trustees Secretary Maureen Marsh told The Daily Pennsylvanian that Gutmann was chosen due to her status as one of higher education’s most respected leaders.
05/22/17 12:52am
Engineering and Wharton sophomore Mason Mings is currently with his family at his hometown of Houston, Texas, where he is receiving inpatient rehabilitation.
05/19/17 10:27am
Even after international students secure a sponsor for the H-1B visa, they still have to enter a lottery system for the visa which is known for having a low acceptance rate. In 2016, only 85,000 visas were granted out of 236,000 applications.
05/18/17 5:00pm
College junior and founder of the Collective Success realized last fall that first generation low income students often do not have the “social capital” that enables more privileged students to advance in their professional careers.
05/18/17 4:44pm
2017 College graduate Samip Sheth said events like Feb Club served an important role in bringing graduating seniors together. “It’s really special to see how people are coming together to celebrate the memories we’ve made in the last four years,” he said.
05/18/17 4:38pm
Popular trends in the past include Redcup, an application for fraternities to notify students about when and where they were having open parties and the Instagram account @YungBenFranklin, a predecessor of the Penn Facebook meme page. 
05/18/17 4:29pm
Penn students who choose to graduate a semester early often stress the financial benefits, explaining that it allows them to save a semester's worth of tuition.
05/18/17 4:21pm
“Every single inch of the building is being touched in some fashion,” Design and Construction Project Manager David Dunn said, whether that means new flooring, furniture, window coverings, or air conditioning. 
05/18/17 2:56pm
"Penn has it all," according to Travel + Leisure magazine, "eclectic and varied architecture, plenty of trees, and even a park with views of the Philadelphia skyline."
05/17/17 5:50pm
This grant-funded program will be "rolled out to hospitals, ambulatory care settings, communities, and homes," Penn Medicine said. 
05/17/17 1:27am
College sophomore Louis Lin said he decided to run for Judge of Election when President Trump alleged that between 3 and 5 million illegal votes had been cast in the General Election.
05/16/17 10:20pm
Penn Law School professor Joe Khan held steady in second place, trailing Krasner by about 15 percentage points.
05/16/17 7:31pm
His opinion piece comes amid a national conversation on hazing and fraternity culture stemming from the death of Penn State University sophomore Timothy Piazza.
05/15/17 9:46pm
For the 261st time, the University of Pennsylvania commissioned a new graduating class into the world.
05/15/17 5:38pm
To mark the occasion of Penn's 261st Commencement, The Daily Pennsylvanian took a look at the last four years in the newly-minted graduates' lives, beginning with Monday's ceremony and going backwards to document the trends, events and people who dominated the Class of 2017's time in University City.