Housing Guide 2012

11/27/12 8:18pm
My living experience has proven itself valuable in more ways than I had expected.
11/27/12 8:15pm
Living in a chapter house is by far one of the most important steps a newly initiated brother can take in embracing his new family.
11/27/12 8:12pm

Should you go off campus or stay on campus?

The DP breaks down the pros and cons of off-campus housing versus on campus housing.
11/27/12 8:08pm

Ask the Daily Pennsylvanian: Housing Edition

From figuring out how to address food thieves to dealing with drunk roommates, The DP has your back on roommate problems.
11/27/12 8:05pm

Residential programs offer student community and perks

With offerings ranging from Women in Computer Science to the Modern Languages Program, Penn’s 11 college houses have more than 40 residential programs to suit student interest and demand.
11/27/12 7:56pm
As an RA in a freshman hall, I get to do things like take my floor to Max Brenner for ridiculously tasty desserts — things that my friends in the high rises aren’t so interested in doing with their floormates.
11/27/12 7:45pm
Choosing between houses, apartments and landlords can be daunting. The DP breaks down your options.
11/27/12 7:37pm

Transfers find new home in grouped dorms

Students wishing to live with other transfers could choose to live in a hall designated specifically for them in Hill College House.
11/27/12 7:22pm
Instead of purchasing all new furniture and appliances for their dorms, some students choose to collect used or borrowed items piled up in hallways and outside of student houses during move-out.
11/27/12 7:08pm

Last-minute housing limited off campus

Most partments in the Radian, University City Housing and University Enterprises buildings are filled by the time the on-campus housing process ends.
11/27/12 6:57pm

Housing selection process sees minor modifications

One of the main critiques of the process last year concerned the points-based system. The system was not designed to accommodate decimals, and some students got later selection times because their average number of points was weighted the same as someone who may have had fewer points.
11/27/12 6:53pm

Graduate students embrace convenience, social life off campus

Off-Campus Services has recently revamped their website to allow accepted graduate students to familiarize themselves with housing resources.
11/27/12 6:43pm

Leases start earlier due to new academic calendar

Last year, Provost Vince Price approved a change in the academic year after his office discovered that Penn’s calendar didn’t align with Middle States Commission on Higher Education regulations. As a result, students will have to come back to campus early to start classes in August for the first time since 1974.
11/27/12 12:04am

Few changes for new housing application system

Last year, Penn completely overhauled the housing application system, changing the way students apply to live on-campus by moving everything online to a site called My Home at Penn. One of the main critiques of the process last year concerned the points-based system.
11/26/12 11:53pm

Grad students find options off campus

When only one of Penn’s residence houses — Sansom Place — offers graduate student housing, it isn’t difficult to see that on-campus housing options for graduate students are limited.