Housing Guide 2012

Kyle Illgen | Consider living in-house

Living in a chapter house is by far one of the most important steps a newly initiated brother can take in embracing his new family.
11/27/12 8:15pm

Should you go off campus or stay on campus?

The DP breaks down the pros and cons of off-campus housing versus on campus housing.
11/27/12 8:12pm

Ask the Daily Pennsylvanian: Housing Edition

From figuring out how to address food thieves to dealing with drunk roommates, The DP has your back on roommate problems.
11/27/12 8:08pm


Caroline Meuser | A family in my chapter

My living experience has proven itself valuable in more ways than I had expected. 11/27/12 8:18pm

Residential programs offer student community and perks

With offerings ranging from Women in Computer Science to the Modern Languages Program, Penn’s 11 college houses have more than 40 residential programs to suit student interest and demand.
11/27/12 8:05pm

Heather Bromfield | The ins and outs of being an RA

As an RA in a freshman hall, I get to do things like take my floor to Max Brenner for ridiculously tasty desserts — things that my friends in the high rises aren’t so interested in doing with their floormates.
11/27/12 7:56pm

The different types of off-campus housing

Choosing between houses, apartments and landlords can be daunting. The DP breaks down your options.
11/27/12 7:45pm