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12/07/12 1:46am

Some students struggle to understand international TA's

While recitations generally serve as a place for students to get their questions answered about the week’s lecture, Engineering sophomore Geoffrey Vedernikoff did not find this to be the case.
12/04/12 5:57pm

Penn faculty and city officials release Violence Against Women report

The report, which was published by the Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence at Penn’s School of Social Policy and Practice features 12 agencies who service domestic violence victims. The report addresses their actions and makes recommendations for the groups.
11/27/12 9:19pm

GSE helps transform higher education in Kazakhstan

Since 2009, Penn’s Graduate School of Education has been working with Kazakhstani leaders on revamping their higher education system. GSE faculty and staff first advised leaders in anticipation of the opening of Nazerbayev University, which saw its first incoming class in fall 2010.
11/27/12 7:56pm
As an RA in a freshman hall, I get to do things like take my floor to Max Brenner for ridiculously tasty desserts — things that my friends in the high rises aren’t so interested in doing with their floormates.
11/26/12 11:47pm

Center for High Impact Philanthropy aims for social impact

Housed at the School of Social Policy & Practice, the Center for High Impact Philanthropy was established in 2006 by SP2 Dean Richard Gelles and a group of anonymous Wharton alumni.
11/13/12 10:43pm
Each year, roughly a fourth of college students cope with the death of a family member or a close friend.
11/12/12 11:26pm
Established in 1977, the Light Opera Company is a Law School student group which produces, directs and performs a musical comedy every year.
11/08/12 11:01pm
The Animal Law Project, which provides its services pro bono, helps prepare memos, draft petitions and conduct legal research in local animal cruelty cases.
10/31/12 12:30am
The former Pennsylvania representative and 1963 College graduate currently co-teaches the “Conventions, Debates and Campaigns” class at the Fels Institute of Government.
10/08/12 7:10pm
PhilaSoup group of teachers and educators gathered at the Kimmel Center to compete for micro-grants. The grants fund various types of projects so that educators can enhance their teaching.
10/03/12 8:12pm
Penn Law professor Tobias Wolff, who served as LGBT policy chair for the Obama campaign from 2007-08, works towards LGBT equality on Penn’s campus and on a national scale.
09/26/12 10:31pm
Penn professors began developing the program with the army because of the alarming rates of suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder
09/19/12 11:44pm
Registration will be open this weekend for preceptorials, non-credit, non-graded classes that normally meet once or twice a semester. VIDEO: Word on the Walk – Preceptorials
09/11/12 10:47pm
The Center will grapple with issues such as how to cope with enemies who are non-state actors, how to justify the lack of symmetrical risk in warfare in an age when precision weapons are becoming more common and how to tackle cyber threats.
09/05/12 10:34pm

Penn Law study shows race-based discrimination in criminal sentencing

Both academics and pundits have speculated for decades that there is race-based discrimination in the criminal justice system. Now, Law School professor David Abrams has finally confirmed this popular notion.
04/19/11 4:01am
History professor Alan Kors spoke at the Penn College Republicans Annual Keynote Address Monday.
03/17/11 6:00am
As the author of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian — this year’s “One Book, One Philadelphia” selection — Sherman Alexie’s talk was the capstone event for the 2011 program, a joint project between the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Office of the Mayor.
02/21/11 4:29am
As the audience filed into Irvine Auditorium Friday and Saturday nights, female students marketed Silly Bandz and lollipops shaped like female genitalia — all in the spirit of The Vagina Monologues.
02/16/11 5:11am

Wharton lecturer talks football, negotiating

Andrew Brandt, a Wharton lecturer who currently serves as the president of the National Football Post , spoke to a small group of students in Huntsman Hall Tuesday.
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