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04/21/13 8:11pm

Korean students reflect on tension between North and South

For some Korean international students at Penn, the physical distance between the United States and the Korean Peninsula has not diminished the potential effects these tensions can have on their immediate futures.
04/11/13 9:41pm
“Nice socks.” That’s what Wharton alum Ricky Choi hears on a daily basis.
04/10/13 12:08am

College junior awarded Harry S. Truman Scholarship

April 5 was the best birthday ever for College junior Christi Economy — and not because she officially turned 21.
04/04/13 10:42pm

Run for your life, zombies are coming!

Organized by Wharton sophomore Andrew Hudis and David Feinman, a childhood friend who currently attends Bucks County Community College, this unorthodox 5K race will test the runners’ abilities to survive a zombie apocalypse.
04/02/13 9:39pm

Wharton offers exclusive memorabilia

If you think hoodies, jackets and other Penn paraphernalia are expensive, think again.
03/26/13 7:59pm
After months of research and deliberation, Penn has finally decided to divest itself of the Wharton School.
03/24/13 11:51pm

Admissions consulting firms cater to MBA programs

Admissions consulting firms have been around for a while now, and with a constant flow of demand from both undergraduate and graduate students seeking advice on how to perfect their applications to various programs, the industry is flourishing.
03/13/13 9:51pm

Penn graduate schools rise, fall in U.S. rankings

Two days ago, U.S. News & World Report released its annual rankings for the best graduate school programs in the United States.
03/11/13 11:22pm
With over $22 million invested in a timespan of seven months, the FundersClub is aiming to take venture capital to a new level.
11/29/12 9:26pm

New writing requirement equips Wharton MBAs for the business world

All first-year MBA students must take the online course concurrently with “Management Communication” in order to graduate.
11/28/12 9:58pm

Wharton program allows alumni to stay involved

Wharton’s Lifelong Learning Tour will continue to bring alumni together to stay connected and learn from a variety of Wharton faculty
11/27/12 8:12pm

Should you go off campus or stay on campus?

The DP breaks down the pros and cons of off-campus housing versus on campus housing.
11/18/12 11:17pm

Wharton MBA 2012 career report shows increase in technology opportunities

From media to real estate to consulting, members of the MBA class of 2012 have been particularly diverse in their career choices since leaving Penn earlier this year. INTERACTIVE: 2012 Wharton MBA Career Report
11/15/12 8:38pm

Management 101 registration to get tougher for seniors

Seniors who have not yet taken the course — which is required before they can graduate — will need to request it as their first priority on Penn InTouch.
11/14/12 10:34pm

Wharton supports Innovation Fund

Established last fall by 1959 MBA graduate and former Random House CEO Alberto Vitale, the fund aims to promote innovation among students and faculty at the Wharton School by awarding grants of up to $5,000 to students with fledgling business ideas.
11/07/12 9:45pm
From selling novelty computer mice to playing semi-professional soccer to creating his own companies, John Lusk has experienced a roller coaster of success and failure as an entrepreneur.
11/07/12 8:38pm

Students weigh in on transition from webCafé to Canvas

It’s been nearly two months since the Wharton School adopted Canvas as its official online learning management platform
10/24/12 8:01pm

Wharton renews study abroad options for third time

This marks the third time both schools have agreed to renew their partnership. This partnership facilitates study abroad options for Wharton MBA and doctoral students.
10/11/12 9:57pm

Wharton group to push for environmental awareness in business

Formed in 2010, the board is a collaboration among student leaders, Wharton’s undergraduate and graduate divisions and Wharton Operations.
10/10/12 7:55pm

Warby Parker founders look at charity through a new lens

Two years ago, four Wharton alumni launched Warby Parker, an online eyewear company that is changing the way the eyewear industry operates
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