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03/25/13 10:55pm
While students might find their study skills rusted after a long summer, College sophomore Erica Liebman faced an extreme version of this situation when she returned to her books after more than a decade. Twelve years ago, Liebman took a leave of absence from Penn after her third semester to become a car mechanic.
03/13/13 11:31pm
Last night’s keynote address for the third annual Symposium for Awareness of South Asian Issues elicited a strong response among the audience.
02/21/13 8:18pm

Penn has male, female student balance, despite national difference

While women are getting ahead nationwide, their rate of advancement at Penn and at other elite institutions has grown stagnant.
01/24/13 12:42am

RushTap expands to fraternity rush across the country

RushTap allows rushes to create profiles for themselves and keep track of rush events.Starting out with only six fraternities at Penn last year, nearly 100 fraternities now, both nationally and in Canada use the website.
01/10/13 9:24pm
Hub Bub, owned by 2005 College graduate Drew Crockett, is a coffee truck that is expanding to a non-mobile location in Center City scheduled to open Jan.
12/09/12 7:51pm

Some final exams get creative

While most students at Penn usually associate finals with memorizing facts or churning out a last-minute paper, others have more creative hurdles to jump over to complete their courses.
12/03/12 10:17pm
Two large classrooms that had undergone renovations throughout this semester are scheduled to be open for student use by early January. However, the rest of the building will not be ready until July of 2013.
12/02/12 5:44pm
Penn Hip-Hop Initiative, Penn’s newest music appreciation club was introduced this semester. PHHI holds Freestyle Fridays on Locust Walk. Any student passing by can join in and “spit,” a slang term that means to freestyle rap.
11/27/12 8:58pm
The Jaffe History of Art Building, located at 3405 Woodland Walk, won the campus building competition, with a total energy reduction of 21.6 percent. Stouffer College House, which reduced its energy usage by 14.5 percent, won the college house competition.
11/27/12 8:05pm

Residential programs offer student community and perks

With offerings ranging from Women in Computer Science to the Modern Languages Program, Penn’s 11 college houses have more than 40 residential programs to suit student interest and demand.
11/26/12 10:19pm

Faculty and staff use tuition benefits to further education

Every year, a number of employees of Penn — including staff, faculty and administrators — take classes at the University either for credit or just to learn something new.
11/26/12 1:05am

New simulation can help prepare people for hurricane damage

A recently developed tool that predicts how people will behave in disaster situations may be able to help if a hurricane like Sandy comes back to call.
11/08/12 11:29pm

Survey shows growing displeasure with Au Bon Pain's replacement

Of the 141 MBA students who answered a question on the survey asking which establishment they preferred, nearly 70 percent indicated that their preference was to “bring back Au Bon Pain.”
10/31/12 7:30pm

Power Down Challenge begins its third year at Penn

The Power Down Challenge, which began at the beginning of this week, is an annual competition between college houses and campus buildings designed to lower energy usage over the span of three weeks. Awards are given to the college house and campus building that lowers its energy consumption the most.
10/30/12 11:30pm
Despite being stuck inside for most of Monday and Tuesday, students passed the time in a variety of ways — some more unconventional than others.
10/28/12 9:33pm

College houses to be on alert during hurricane

While campus is waiting for Hurricane Sandy to arrive in full force, college house staff are trying to promote safety while finding creative ways to keep their residents entertained.
10/15/12 8:28pm
The exhibit, “Insights into Ancient Egypt,” caters to the visually impaired and allows them to experience six objects from the Museum’s Egyptian collection. VIDEO: Penn Museum Touch Tours
10/02/12 2:35pm

A new home for Penn's rare books

Earlier this year, Penn Libraries created two blogs dedicated to featuring unique books and manuscripts found only at Penn.
09/23/12 9:37pm

Eco-Reps kick off their fourth year on campus

The official Eco-Reps program kick-off took place on Saturday, and included a trip to the Schuylkill River to plant four trees, among other activities.
09/21/12 12:54am

Eco-Reps expands to Penn Athletics

While FRES worked previously to reduce the environmental impact of large sporting events on campus, this program is a concerted effort to reduce Penn Athletics’ ecological footprint.
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