Articles by Zachary Zamore

03/13/18 10:57pm
The defense team for Yale student Saifullah Khan has come under intense criticism for using 'victim-blaming' tactics on the stand. 
03/12/18 11:01pm
Krasner also announced that he has advised his staff not to seek charges for those arrested for marijuana possession.
02/22/18 2:04pm
The "Why We Haze" event included small groups that discussed topics ranging from the role of alcohol in hazing and the impact of Penn's anti-hazing policies.   
02/13/18 9:37pm
Maintaining its No. 4 spot for the second year, Philadelphia was out-romanced by Boston — who took the No. 1 spot for the second year — and Atlanta and Austin. 
02/05/18 10:29pm
Part of an effort to start a conversation about the stresses of a hyper-competitive university, the distribution of the book has largely been praised by student-athletes at Harvard.
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