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12/02/13 4:46pm

Guest Column by Shlomo Klapper | The falsehoods of 'From Palestine to Penn'

I don’t know how else to say this: Many of O’Conor’s “facts” don’t exist.
11/16/12 1:56am

Shlomo Klapper | Sderot: A surreal city

Dana was just tired. After tough midterms at Sapir College and moonlighting as a waitress, the 22-year-old returned home exhausted.
02/28/12 8:56pm

Shlomo Klapper | Do good fences make good neighbors?

Once again, they immaturely present a complex issue in isolation, without any context whatsoever.
01/19/12 10:47pm

Shlomo Klapper | Many flags; few facts

Shlomo Klapper argues that Penn For Palestine’s demonstration on College Green ignored both the context of and some inconvenient facts regarding the 2009 Gaza War.
01/11/12 12:10am

Shlomo Klapper | BDS: Bigoted Double Standards

By withholding the university’s imprimatur from BDS and its boycotts, President Gutmann reflects the Penn community’s strong and long-established ties with Israel.
11/06/11 11:04pm

Shlomo Klapper | President Abbas, please visit the Penn Museum

I extend to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas — and to all else who aid and abet promulgating this insidious delegitimization of Israel — an invitation to visit the Penn Museum.
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