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11/05/15 12:32am
SHAWN KELLEY is a LPS junior from San Diego, Calif. His email is
10/15/15 12:18am
SHAWN KELLEY is a LPS junior from San Diego, Calif. His email is
04/13/15 10:07pm
SHAWN KELLEY is an LPS junior from San Diego. His email address is
03/15/15 11:56pm
SHAWN KELLEY is a College junior from San Diego, Calif. His email address is
02/16/15 1:42am
SHAWN KELLEY is an LPS junior from San Diego. His email address is
12/08/14 11:57pm
Shawn Kelley is a LPS sophomore. His email is Jonathan Iwry is a 2014 College graduate. His email is
11/30/14 11:49pm
The presumption of innocence is such a fundamental human right that a majority of democracies, constitutional monarchies, republics and even the UN have written it into their legal codes and constitutions.
11/16/14 11:21pm
A feeling of too many problems to be able to affect change has begun to permeate the activism community. Too many problems and too little time. How is a student supposed to spend time contending for a cause, while also keeping up with school work?
11/10/14 9:47pm
Normandy, Iwo Jima, Pusan, Khe Sanh, Fallujah, Kamdesh. For some, these names might not mean much. Maybe they have seen them in history books or have heard the names before. Yet for those who fought, those names and many others are forever branded in their memories. They recall the desperation and the sounds of battle, and most of all, those they fought beside. It is a brotherhood that runs deeper than any fraternity, one that traverses time and location. It is a bond forged in blood and fire.
11/04/14 2:06am
To be honest, it was a challenging, but overall rewarding venture. While I wouldn’t encourage everyone to be an RA, I would definitely recommend looking to see if you think it would be a good fit for yourself.
11/04/14 12:24am
Homecoming. No, not the annual tradition welcoming alumni back to campus, but the event when you return home.
11/02/14 10:39pm
However, there is one thing that tends to separate athletics from other extracurriculars: risk of serious injury. I can think of few other extracurriculars where there is a real possibility of suffering injuries such as concussions, torn ligaments and broken bones, including the spine.
10/15/14 10:55pm
I am not a doe-eyed freshman who just graduated from high school in the town I spent my whole life in. In fact, there are many students who don’t fit this description at all. Yet there are professors who still give lectures as though their class composition consists of this very stereotype.
10/01/14 10:43pm
While I appreciate Watson’s candor, and don’t wish to take away from her experiences, I scarcely feel that a rich, Caucasian actress from a wealthy, developed nation such as Britain is the best spokesperson for women’s issues on equality. Yes, Emma Watson brings celebrity and media attention, but by making women like her, Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie the spokespeople for these causes, we heedlessly claim that the only voices worth listening to belong to privileged white women.
09/18/14 12:01am
What’s really telling is when you look at the compensation per $1 million in total expenditures for each institution. Gee was paid $1,332, Zimmer received $1,113 and Gutmann $376.
09/03/14 5:57pm
A student should have the creative thinking and communication skills required of a liberal arts major, as well as the critical thinking and technical knowledge of a STEM major.
07/29/14 2:34pm

Shawn Kelley | Civility under fire

It is time we stopped the verbal battery of others because we disagree with their opinions, and instead tackle the ideas with which we take issue.
07/15/14 6:05pm

Shawn Kelley | Bursting the comfort bubble

It seems more people are content to hide within their security blankets and pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist.
06/25/14 7:30pm

Shawn Kelley | World Cup, world class controversy

The World Cup is one of the largest sports event in the world. Thirty-eight countries
06/08/14 6:08pm

Shawn Kelley | Coup now, democracy later

I think at this point everyone, the United States and United Nations included, needs to wait and see what direction this coup takes. If Chan-ocha keeps to his word, we could see an even stronger Thailand emerge.
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