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04/13/16 2:29am
Prospective students are drawn to Penn because of its location in the city of Philadelphia, and students and alumni alike reap the benefits offered to them during their time here.
11/22/15 11:22pm
On Friday, the Undergraduate Assembly hosted College Day, during which 34 eighth grade students from Henry C. Lea Elementary School in West Philadelphia had the opportunity to come to Penn and learn more about life at college. 
11/20/15 12:00pm
On Wednesday night, University City District (UCD), the economic development organization in West Philly, celebrated this accomplishment alongside a number of others at their annual "State of University City" event at the World Cafe Live.
11/08/15 2:00pm
James Aguirre hoped to empower students who were interested in going above and beyond in science to learn a new part of the field.
11/04/15 3:53am
In the mayoral election, Jim Kenney, the Democratic candidate, received 101,660 votes — 84 percent of the popular vote — and top Republican candidate Melissa Bailey received 17,823 votes. Democrats in Philadelphia have a 9-1 voter advantage.
10/24/15 11:00am
Over the past few years, a number of cities around the country have put restrictions on styrofoam use in food trucks.
10/15/15 12:35am
She'd worked with Senator Elizabeth Warren to bring attention to federal housing regulations.
09/24/15 12:17am
A guide to food vendors that will be open during the weekend.
09/10/15 12:06am
A July report summarized a pilot program in West Philadelphia supermarkets allowing wasted food to go to good use.
09/08/15 10:57pm
Furniture Campus Home Store has moved from its old location between Cosi and Urban Outfitters on 36th Street to a new location at 3801 Chestnut St.
09/02/15 12:17am
Although Penn tried to compromise with the neighborhood, proposing a plan to incorporate the mansion into the housing complex they had received permission to begin, the neighborhood ultimately refused to meet them in the middle.
09/01/15 12:12am
Those who live on the streets will likely need to be relocated as a result of the city's plans.
08/25/15 12:00pm
A petition entitled "Save the Drexel Food Trucks!" has received over 2,850 signatures to date. 
06/13/15 4:49pm
See what crimes occurred in the Penn Patrol Zone between May 22 and June 4. 
05/15/15 2:18pm
Former 1979 Final Four basketball co-captains will host one of the events.
04/26/15 11:58pm
With a number of cities across the country implementing bike share programs, Philadelphia is following suit.
04/23/15 12:30am
SEPTA is looking to implement a number of improvements in the 2015-2016 fiscal year, but it seems as though the long-awaited Key program will not be one of them.
04/07/15 1:19am
With warmer weather approaching, University City District plans to brighten the neighborhood with the addition of parking-spot sized parks called parklets.
02/26/15 1:46am
The architect of St. Peter's Church also designed Fisher Fine Arts.
02/20/15 12:51pm
The second floor mezzanine area will be totally renovated to provide a location for alcohol sales. Beer and wine will only be able to be purchased at this location. 
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