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04/23/16 6:00am
Penn Medicine, along with five other peer institutions, has partnered with The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy to develop new techniques for the treatment of cancers.
04/21/16 1:51am
Each grant was given to between two and five professors that specialize in different fields. 
04/12/16 2:31am
The energy industry burns hundreds of millions of dollars worth of methane as fuel every year, simply because it’s currently the most efficient use of the gas. But Penn Chemistry professor Daniel Mindiola is researching cleaner and more productive uses. 
04/05/16 1:12am
Penn professors are working towards building Kazakhstan's first world-class national research university.
03/31/16 1:59am
Three of the sixteen finalists of Inc. Magazine’s Best College Startup of 2016 competition are composed of Penn undergraduates.
03/24/16 11:22pm
Frederick Steiner made headlines recently for announcing that Texas' campus carry laws contributed to his decision to leave the school.
03/24/16 10:52pm
Big Pharma is tapping into the vast pool of knowledge at Penn Medicine.
03/20/16 6:00am
She hopes to bring more chutzpah to the study of women Yiddish writers.
02/23/16 1:20am
The congressional hearing, which plays into the determination of the federal budget, dealt with the role of the aircraft carrier in ensuring the superiority of the U.S. military’s naval power.
02/20/16 6:00am
A research project at Penn was recently given a grant of 1.4 million from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention to develop methods of preventing and managing chronic diseases.
02/15/16 2:17am
The School of Arts and Sciences is making some changes to its organization of faculty.
02/03/16 8:50pm
On a campus where pre-med and business tracks are some of the most popular, the arts will soon assume a more prominent role in the students' educational experience.
02/01/16 12:22am
Members of the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project's student advisory board hope to connect students to the quality of life research done by the project to foster self-actualization in the student body.
01/30/16 6:00am
Futuristic advances in genetics are coming faster than we could have ever predicted, and scientific organizations are scrambling to unpack their potential ethical consequences.
01/28/16 12:27am
A panel of Penn faculty and students came together to discuss classroom culture on campus and how perceived insensitivities regarding race, religion and sexual orientation have the potential to create uncomfortable learning environments.
01/20/16 11:55pm
The administration also noted an increased emphasis on following established guidelines regarding the process of obtaining tenure itself.
01/16/16 6:00am
Out of 1,018 department chairs, only 13 percent were female while 19 percent were mustachioed men.
11/13/15 2:00pm
Students have a plethora of opportunities when it comes to learning more about the job search process. However, there is a resource they might not know about — the show Career Talk on Wharton Business Radio on Sirius XM.
10/24/15 2:00pm
Less than 10 years after graduation, 2007 Wharton and Engineering alum Karthik Sridharan has a multi-million dollar business. 
09/25/15 2:59pm
Last month, the society received the Meritorious Achievement Award, the most significant award the organization gives out, signifying excellence across every aspect of the chapter.
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