Articles by Morgan Gilfond

07/31/20 9:11am
Asbestos is a silicone mineral widely used as an insulator until it was banned in 1970 for emitting toxic fibers. Half a century later, predominantly Black and Brown public schools are still plagued by the harmful carcinogen. 
06/23/20 11:39am
Cell phones make it so that America, and the world, cannot look away from the vivid brutality Black communities have already known for generations. 
06/06/20 2:16pm
Small business owner Leon Scott founded the Silver Legends jewelry boutique over fifteen years ago. This past week, looters inflicted severe property damage on the store and stole some merchandise.
05/25/20 9:38am
Pennsylvania faces a unique set of challenges in developing an adequate mail-in system as the November presidential election rapidly approaches. 
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