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11/11/16 12:48pm
While much of Penn's campus watched Donald Trump's Election Day victory with shock and concern, the news put a group nearby in a celebratory mood.
11/04/16 11:31am
Trump has mentioned both Penn and Wharton on Twitter over a dozen times.
11/03/16 9:33pm
Throughout this roller-coaster of an election, Republican nominee Donald Trump has emphasized how different he is from his opponent. The Daily Pennsylvanian decided to investigate.
11/03/16 9:24pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian has compared Clinton and Trump’s policy platforms on several key issues that most affect Penn students.
10/08/16 6:48pm
The man whose name adorns one of Penn's most prominent buildings is none too pleased with Donald Trump's recent remarks about women.
09/24/16 9:38am
President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj of Mongolia gave a public lecture at Penn on Friday as part of a day-long visit to Philadelphia.
07/28/16 12:22am
This was the first time that the Trump campaign, known for noncommittal policy positions, publicly addressed the issue in detail.
07/22/16 12:55am
Trump has formally become the Republican presidential nominee despite having no prior political experience.
07/20/16 9:14am
The votes that put Trump over the threshold came from Trump’s native New York, whose delegation cast 89 votes for Trump.
07/20/16 9:10am
Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany made a rare public appearance at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night, just hours after her father won the party’s nomination for president.
07/13/16 11:12pm
There may be some hope left for former congressman and 1986 Fels Institute of Government graduate Chaka Fattah, who was convicted last month of 23 charges including bribery, racketeering and fraud.
07/13/16 11:09pm
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee and 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump issued a harsh assessment of the FBI after the agency recommended against criminally charging Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for using a private email server as U.S. Secretary of State.
06/29/16 11:38pm
When Philadelphia-born Grace Kelly married the Sovereign Prince of Monaco in 1956, it was a crowning moment for a family whose legacy had been intertwined with Penn before she had even been born.
06/23/16 12:02am
25 Philadelphia schoolchildren will be among the thousands of journalists expected to cover the Democratic National Convention (DNC) this July.
06/09/16 12:03am
The fugitive vegan, who disappeared after embezzling millions from her own business, was caught after months on the run when her accomplice ordered a cheese pizza.
06/02/16 12:01am
Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney said city employees would be banned from traveling to states with anti-LGBT laws on official business.
05/25/16 10:25pm
The new shipping center, which occupies half of the ground floor of 1920s Commons, officially opened its doors to the public last Wednesday.
03/15/16 2:32am
Controversial Religious Studies professor Anthea Butler has frequently said her status as a tenured professor protects her from sanction or censure. But it really may be the Penn Police that are protecting her from backlash.
02/17/16 12:35am
A New York University environmental ethicist gave a well-attended lecture about the 2015 Paris Agreement on global greenhouse gas emissions.
02/05/16 12:00pm
After spending eight years running America’s fifth-largest city, Michael Nutter is now teaching students how he did it.
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02/01/16 5:02pm

Donald Trump calls for "complete" ban of Muslims entering U.S.

Presidential candidate and 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump called on Monday for a complete ban on Muslims entering the United States. His remarks came just hours after new poll numbers showed Trump being overtaken by fellow candidate Sen. Ted Cruz.
02/01/16 4:58pm

Penn for Trump dumps Trump

After months of presidential candidate and 1968 Wharton graduateDonald Trump’s inflammatory insults, Penn for Trump has finally had enough. The organization dissolved last month after founder and Wharton freshman Patrick Lobo decided to no longer support Trump as a presidential candidate.
02/01/16 12:42am

College senior Tiffany Trump appears on 20/20 with father and siblings

Trump and his family recently sat down with ABC News’ Barbara Walters for a televised interview on the prime time news program “20/20." 
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