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Credit: Ilana Wurman , Ilana Wurman, Ilana Wurman

1968 Wharton graduate and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is well-known for his social media presence. He's also known for frequently referencing his alma mater on the campaign trail.

As it turns out, Trump has mentioned both Penn and Wharton on Twitter over a dozen times — here's a look at every time it's happened.

1. Trump thinks Wharton is better than Harvard. 

2. He talked about his rise from “humble beginnings” to Wharton.

3. In 2014, someone tweeted to Trump that it was time to put a Penn graduate in the White House. Trump agreed.

4. Someone else also had a specific Penn graduate in mind.

5. Someone once said they wanted to go to Wharton and be like Donald Trump.

6. He questioned why he gets insulted on Twitter even though he went to Wharton.

7. Just to be clear, Donald Trump DID go to Wharton. 

8. Because Wharton is “the best.”

9. And Trump must have gone to “the School of Champions.”

10. But if you want to blame everything about Trump on Wharton, think again.

11. Trump is a “Wharton baby”.

12. Business runs in the family. When Wharton gave an award to his daughter Ivanka (who also went to Wharton), Trump took the time to tell everyone.

13. He did take the time to acknowledge the Penn Police officer who was shot back in September.

14. Because he loves his alma mater.

15. A lot.