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04/24/12 11:17pm

Pennsylvania bike law may improve safety for bikers

A new Pennsylvania bike law that requires a four-foot distance between bicyclists and vehicles has caused a decrease in accidents on campus.
04/24/12 8:50pm

DPS pilots program to secure building entrances

Since 2004, Fagin Hall has been running a similar program, which has reduced theft.
04/18/12 11:10pm

Penn Police arrest robbery suspect

The investigation following an armed robbery on a student which occurred on April 8 has come to a close.
04/17/12 11:03pm

Crime Log | April 6 - April 12

Check out what crime happened on and around campus last week.
04/16/12 12:48am

Library visitor "fast pass" helping to reduce theft

With a new partnership between the library and the Division of Public Safety, in addition to shortened hours for non-Penn affiliated visitors, theft at Van Pelt has been on the decline. DPS and the library have been piloting a new visitor management system machine since last September, called “fast pass.”
04/15/12 11:32pm

Spring Fling sees 168-percent increase in incidents from last year

This year’s Spring Fling weather brought more than just increased sunshine to campus. Total crime saw a 168-percent increase from last year — from 37 incidents last year to 99 this year.
04/08/12 10:53pm

Patrol zone sees overall crime decrease in March

Three months into the new year, crime in the Penn Patrol Zone has been declining. This March, total crime went down three percent overall in comparison to March 2011.
04/04/12 11:20pm

Crime log | March 23 - March 27

Check out what crimes happened on and around campus last week.
04/04/12 10:16pm

Detective tweets to offer info on crime and build relationships

With one hashtag at a time, Detective Joe Murray is making Philadelphia a little safer.
04/03/12 11:59pm

Joke Issue: Penn Panhandlers Union hold first meeting in McDonald's

The Penn Panhandlers Union had their first General Assembly inside McDonald’s.
04/02/12 12:20am
MERT members have been preparing themselves with training specific to ecstasy overdoses and sexual assault prior to Spring Fling. This year’s concert featuring electronic dance music is suspected to cause a rise in use of ecstasy.
03/29/12 12:34am

On urban campus, panhandling a perennial problem

When dealing with panhandlers, DPS’s first approach is to speak to them personally, obtain biographical information and understand the problems the panhandlers are facing. They then ask them to “cease and desist.”
03/16/12 12:36am

Penn leads way in gender-neutral housing

Increasing numbers of students each year are opting to live in gender-neutral suites in the college houses. INTERACTIVE: Gender Neutral Housing Around the Ivies
03/13/12 11:57pm

Crime Log | March 2 - March 8

Find out what crimes happened on and around campus from March 2-8.
03/13/12 11:14pm

Police headquarters to move to West Philly

Currently at 8th and Race streets, the headquarters will relocate to 46th and Market streets, where the current landmark Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co. building stands.
03/01/12 12:51am

DPS closes hate crime investigation

The Division of Public Safety recently concluded an investigation of a reported swastika engraving on campus.
02/29/12 12:22am

Crime log: Feb 18-23

Crime that occurred on and around campus from Feb. 18-23.
02/28/12 8:52pm

Student delivery startup to stop serving liquor

Penn Delivers, a student-created alcohol delivery service, will no longer be transporting liquor by midnight tonight.
02/15/12 10:02pm

SEPTA security under question

Several bus riders have been robbed by Derrick Gilham, 44, who frequented SEPTA bus stops along Broad Street — particularly Olney
02/14/12 11:38pm

Crime log: Feb. 3-9

Find out what crimes happened on and around campus from Feb. 3-9. CRIME MAP: Feb. 3-9
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