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04/29/10 2:36am

Senior Goodbye from Lindsey Stull | What a marathon

Penn has made me a suitable candidate to be a physician; the rest of the world has made me a well-rounded human being.
12/08/09 5:44am

On A Roll | Fighting academic burnout

All Penn students possess an awareness of academic burnout. We should make sure that we play as hard as we work.
11/24/09 5:14am

Lindsey Stull | Think about it

I don’t know how to write about rape. If it were something abstract to me, I could probably distance myself, but victims of sexual assault are my friends and classmates, and it’s happening all the time.
11/17/09 5:30am

Lindsey Stull | It's still free speech under fire

As a total geek, librarians have been some of my best friends. Bert Chapman, a Purdue librarian, will never be one of them.
11/10/09 4:38am

Lindsey Stull | When DNA is TMI

What if your employer knew more about you than you did? Sounds scary, but it could happen in the near future.
11/03/09 4:35am

Lindsey Stull | Me, Myself and my IUD

Lena Chen, Harvard senior and author of the popular blog “Sex and the Ivy,” knows she will be baby-free til 2014. Is she psychic? Celibate? Nope. She has a brand new baby-fighting friend in her uterus.
10/27/09 4:12am

Lindsey Stull | Give us a break

Last week's fall "break" is a situation that should be avoided at all costs in the future, for the sake of our sanity.
10/13/09 4:40am

Lindsey Stull | More than the money

Students should strive to achieve a college degree, but trying to quantify higher education ignores the macro-level rise in quality of life for all citizens.
10/06/09 4:41am

Lindsey Stull | Time for Improvement

A relatively tight passing time often forces students to choose between leaving class early or arriving late
09/29/09 10:47pm

Lindsey Stull | Strengthening shoulders

The Internet has changed research journals, and it's time to comprehensively adapt the system.
09/15/09 4:10am

Lindsey Stull | Alternative Summer Break

Taking on an unusual challenge during summer break often is a more enriching experience
07/24/08 5:00am

Lindsey Stull | A chance to explore

Expanding course options for requirements would help keep students interested and standards high.
06/12/08 5:00am

Lindsey Stull | Meat-free in a city of vegetarian delights

Penn, West Philadelphia and Center City provide myriad tasty options for the conscientious eater
02/19/08 5:00am

Delicious variety for a vegetarian dinner

When I mentioned Horizons to a vegetarian acquaintance, he excitedly promised that the restaurant would deliver "the best meal of [my] life." While a strong allegiance to some Little Italy gnocchi forbids me from agreeing entirely, the chefs at Horizons served me, without a doubt, the prettiest meal of my life and assuredly the best vegan one.
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