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04/24/14 7:23pm
There are 18 sources of alternate funding other than the Student Activities Council. However, students who must rely solely on these alternate funds are less than pleased with both their availability and distribution.
02/25/14 5:44pm
This past fall, Sayre High School students in a program called "Leaders of Change" examined how Philadelphia and state schools function and came to a stark conclusion: their school system is failing them.
12/01/13 3:56pm

Housing construction continues for homeless

Residences for homeless families that have recently begun construction will include a variety of services sponsored by the People’s Emergency Center.
11/17/13 1:13pm

Venture capital in Philadelphia at five-year high

Though, nationally, the number of venture capital deals has decreased.
11/11/13 7:54pm
All of the events headlining Asian Pacific American Heritage Week will now have donation jars on site.
11/06/13 1:13pm

Philadelphia a biotech jobs hotspot

The ease of conducting clinical trials and development opportunities for early stage companies in Philadelphia have made the city one of the top 10 cities in the country for biotechnology jobs.
11/04/13 9:57am

Girl Scouts at Penn introduces STEM to young girls

Girls Understanding Technology and Science event on Nov. 23 will host 75 girls from the West Philadelphia Girl Scouts service units.
11/03/13 3:39pm
The preliminary report of the Career Plans Survey for the Class of 2013 shows full-time employment has increased to 65 percent from 64 percent for the Class of 2012.
10/31/13 10:33am
The group will hold courses about urban biking and advocate for bike reform in University City.
10/23/13 11:35pm
The academy helps West Philadelphia students prepare for high school and college.
10/19/13 5:34pm
Drew Crockett will open his coffee shop at 3736 Spruce St. on Monday morning.
10/15/13 1:25am
Recent college graduates should consider the job market strength of a particular city as they look for employment.
10/07/13 3:28pm
The hunt hopes to promote social media presence and get students involved.
10/04/13 5:28pm

Penn Political Coalition launches nonpartisan fund

PoCo, the umbrella organization for political student groups, will launch a $7,500 fund for policy and politics-related programming on campus.
09/18/13 1:40pm
The city plans to sell closed and unoccupied school buildings to raise funds.
09/11/13 9:55pm
After being matched together seven years ago, little sister Ashana Davenport now lives with her big sister in California.
09/04/13 12:45pm
Thai Singha will reopen at 3900 Chestnut Street in late October.
08/28/13 6:19pm

Career Services: A support for LGBTQ students

New Drexel partnership reveals existing Penn career assistance for LGBTQ students.
08/21/13 12:22pm

Intern death questions banking culture

A 21-year-old University of Michigan student intern at Bank of America’s London office died suddenly on Aug. 15.
05/07/13 8:10pm

On-campus recruiting sees more employers

As the school year comes to an end and Career Services begins analyzing this year’s data for on-campus recruiting, the “Class of 2013 has had a very successful recruitment year,” Director of Career Services Pat Rose said.
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