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11/13/23 11:12pm
NAP kicked off their programming on Nov. 2 with an Indian Taco night. 
10/22/23 11:10pm
According to student producers, the goal of the podcast is to share information about being a FGLI student at Penn.
10/01/23 9:10pm
Club leaders said they started the group after noticing a lack of spaces for queer Black students at Penn.
09/10/23 9:33pm
The events followed the release of the annual publication on Aug. 28, which criticized Penn’s relationship with and treatment of its students, staff, and the surrounding Philadelphia community.
03/29/23 11:13pm
The company — which is represented by a gender-neutral cartoon character, Dr Hen — publishes content across various social media platforms and discusses a breadth of health-related topics.
02/08/23 9:24pm
Student groups and University Life are hosting events and celebrations recognizing Black History Month on campus.
02/02/23 11:51pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with the new leaders of Penn’s main minority coalition about their goals and plans for the upcoming year. 
12/07/22 12:19am
This semester, the Nominations  Elections Committee brought on its first Black chair and the Social Planning and Events Committee is currently led by its first Black female president.
11/27/22 11:53pm
While Penn is the only Ivy League institution to offer the language in such a capacity, the program suffers from lack of resources and currently has no full-time faculty members.
11/09/22 10:04pm
Founded almost 20 years ago, PSO has a mission to broaden the understanding and awareness of the Sikh religion and heritage in the Penn community. 
10/25/22 11:33pm
The student leaders said that they formed the groups in order to create space and support neurodivergent and disabled students at Penn.
09/28/22 1:02am
The 7B consists of the seven constituent groups which center and serve minority students on campus. The coalition expanded last December to include Natives at Penn.
04/12/22 11:46pm
Two elevators and a Limited-Use-Limited-Application lift will be installed in the Quad. Stouffer will become newly accessible with reconstructed entrances, elevators and ramps to the dorm. 
03/23/22 12:40am
Saturday's events included opening remarks from School of Arts & Sciences Dean Steven Fluharty, a keynote speech by author Cathy Park Hong, alumni panels, and performances from student groups.
03/20/22 10:41pm
QPenn 2022 kicked off this Sunday with opening words and a mixer hosted in collaboration with FGLIQ. The week will wrap up on Saturday with Queer Student Alliance’s drag show. 
01/13/22 11:41pm
Management from HamCo and The Radian said that their properties have not experienced any significant issues with other delivery or mail services — just Amazon.
10/20/21 11:18pm
Students said they did not receive proper accommodations when the center, housed in Biotech Commons, closed for reconstruction.
09/17/21 11:52am
Penn’s campus is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but students with disabilities are struggling to find accessible entrances, navigate buildings without elevators, and secure accessible on-campus housing.
09/14/21 12:19am
Christopher Woods sat down with The Daily Pennsylvanian to discuss his goals and how the Museum will address widespread criticism — including towards the Museum's "unethical possession" of the Morton Cranial Collection and its handling of MOVE bombing remains — under his tenure.
05/07/21 12:27am
The prizes are awarded annually to graduating seniors to encourage them to design engagement projects that will make a positive difference in the world in their first year after college.
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