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12/04/12 10:23pm

Employment rates up slightly for graduates this year

Preliminary results from the Career Services Class of 2012 Career Plans Survey Report revealed that 64 percent of graduates obtained full-time employment, a slight increase from 62 percent full-time employment for 2011 graduates. About 1,956 graduates responded to the survey.
11/28/12 11:51pm

International student scholarships hold benefits and restrictions

International students are in scholarship programs provided by corporations and institutions in their home countries to study abroad in places like the United States.
11/26/12 12:00am

Wharton graduates’ startups take off despite the odds

In a market where the failure rate for startups is around 30 to 40 percent, “a successful startup depends on a myriad of factors,” Senior Associate Director of the Wharton Venture Initiation program Clare Leinweber said.
11/11/12 11:56pm

Interdisciplinary majors open minds and career paths

While most of these majors are informally known as pre-graduate school majors, it’s not a given that these students will end up there. The skill sets interdisciplinary majors foster often become a unique asset in the job market.
10/30/12 11:53pm

Students pursuing research consider careers in academia

The Center for Undergraduate Research and the Joseph Wharton Scholars Senior Research Seminar organize presentations to pique students’ interest in research and a potential career in academia later on.
10/15/12 11:50pm

Students gain real-world experience through hands-on classes

Classes across the undergraduate schools leverage connections with resources outside campus and enable students to gain real-world experience in different sectors.
10/08/12 7:07pm

Students not partaking in On-Campus Recruiting find jobs by other means

In 2011 there was still a sizeable percentage of students who went into industries other than financial services and consulting. These jobs do not traditionally recruit through OCR. VIDEO: Word on the Walk | OCR Alternatives
09/20/12 10:53pm

Goldman Sachs to end two-year analyst program

The termination means that employees at the banking and financial services company will be hired knowing they will stay at the company for more than two years.
09/19/12 11:47pm

On-campus recruiters look past school-related stereotypes

During On-Campus Recruiting, many become more conscious of the undergraduate school listed at the top of the resume.
09/11/12 10:22pm
Preliminary survey results of the Class of 2012 job numbers reveal that 62 percent of graduates had already obtained full-time employment — the same percent as the Class of 2011 based on 2,043 responses.
04/24/12 10:18pm

Senior Design Project app to improve efficiency of Penn Transit

A group of Engineering students have developed an application to improve efficiency in Penn Transit.
04/23/12 8:00pm

Engineering Entrepreneurship minor: a history

The Engineering Entrepreneurship minor is a popular choice for Engineering students looking to learn more about technology ventures and business development.
04/19/12 7:28pm
According to SEAS Communications Director Joan Gocke, the Engineering School received about $11 million — or 21 percent of the school’s total research budget — in Department of Defense funding for the 2011 fiscal year.
04/16/12 12:55am

Lipman Family Prize awarded to iDE to aid poor and rural populations

The nonprofit organization iDE won the inaugural Barry and Marie Lipman Family Prize, the Lipman Prize Committee announced last Thursday.
04/01/12 9:01pm
From soccer-playing robots to a space-detecting system, faculty and students alike are increasingly using their skills for the creation of machines that look to innovate the world of transportation.
03/22/12 12:44am
A Wednesday night event was formed in response to a Computer and Information Science@Penn Facebook discussion thread that occurred the week before spring break. The thread drew heated responses because of a suggestion to create Spring Fling shirts that featured the word “Brogrammers.”
02/23/12 11:57pm

Nonprofit organizations compete for $100,000 prize

Last week, three social impact organizations — iDE, MedShare and KOMAZA — were named finalists of the inaugural Lipman Family Prize.
02/05/12 9:51pm
The Academic Boycott session was among the series of events held on the second day of the National Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Conference. The panel speakers defined “academic boycott” with parameters outlined by the United States Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. Complete BDS coverage
02/05/12 8:57pm
The Wistar Institute hosted the annual Nikon Small World Exhibition, which featured the top 20 entries of the 37th annual worldwide Photomicrography Competition, which celebrates the art of photographing with microscopes.
01/29/12 9:47pm
An annual event organized by the Dance Arts Council, the dance benefit paid tribute to Emily Sachs, a Class of 1998 College student and dancer who died in 1995 from a severe asthma attack.
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