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02/04/10 8:00am

Making sense of the curriculum

Over 60 percent of students tackle the College requirements, but few may know their origin or how they compare to the other Ivies'.
04/09/09 5:00am

Weighing the costs of study abroad

College sophomore Hillary Ross, who is studying abroad in Barcelona next semester, said while she will be conscious of how much money she spends in Spain, the economy "was never going to prevent" her from studying abroad. "I may have to take out a bigger student loan for next semester to cover spending costs," she said, adding that her parents have been supportive of her decision.
03/26/09 5:00am

With individualized majors, a few students chart their own course

College senior Eric Karlan came to Penn knowing that he wanted to study nonfiction and creative writing. And when he found out that the University does not offer a specific writing major, Karlan decided to create his own. With nearly 60 departments to choose from, it is hard to imagine that the College of Arts and Sciences doesn't offer a major for everyone.
02/24/09 5:00am

Dollars and Sense | Financial aid remains top priority | Interactive graphic

Though the state of the economy will likely increase requests for financial aid, most private colleges and universities, including Penn, are committed to maintaining their financial-aid policies and initiatives. The schools that have pledged to maintain financial-aid initiatives have been counteracting reduced budgets by pulling funds from other areas, which has resulted in firing administration and faculty members, cutting programs and freezing faculty
02/23/09 5:00am
Remember when you threw up last Friday? So does the guy who responded to the 911 call, and he's in your math class. Groups designed to have students help their peers provide valuable services, but also raise privacy concerns and may create uncomfortable situations.
02/20/09 5:00am

Student with meningococcal infection released from hospital | Interactive feature

The second of the three students hospitalized last week with meningococcal infection was released yesterday, according to a Student Health Service update. One of the two students hospitalized over the weekend with flu-like symptoms was also released.That leaves only two students in the hopsital of the original five that were brought in - one infection case and one who had with flu-like symptoms.
01/27/09 5:00am

Perspective | Linking business skills and social drive | Interactive feature

Seven years ago, the Penn International Business Volunteers organized three summer consulting trips to work with Non-Governmental Organizations in developing countries. Last year, the organization turned away many of the applicants for its ten consulting trips, marking an impressive growth in interest.
01/14/09 5:00am
In response to intensified conflict in the Gaza Strip, the University announced last week that it will not permit students to study abroad in Israel and the West Bank through Penn-approved exchanges this semester. Ten Penn students planned to study in Israel or Palestine this semester.
12/09/08 5:00am

Students not permitted to study abroad in Israel, the West Bank amid Gaza conflict

In response to intensified conflict in the Gaza Strip, the University announced last week that it will no longer permit students to study abroad in Israel and the West Bank through Penn programs this semester. Ten Penn students planned to study in Israel or Palestine this semester.
12/09/08 5:00am

Penn admits 26 QuestBridge applicants

Penn's latest effort to reach out to high-achieving students in need of economic assistance is already showing signs of success. This year, 26 students will receive full, four-year scholarships to Penn because of the University's new partnership with QuestBridge - a program that links low-income students with grants at top colleges.
12/04/08 5:00am

Psych study: People of the same ethnicity tend to spend time with each other

You might have seen students studying you as you passed by on Locust Walk last month, but don't worry - it wasn't because you were having a bad hair day. Students in professor Paul Rozin's Psychology 001 class conducted a "racial association" study which found that, despite Penn's diverse student body, people on campus tend to spend time with others of the same ethnicity.
12/03/08 5:00am

Riepe to step down as trustee chairman

The University Board of Trustees nominated 1981 Law school alumnus David Cohen to replace James Riepe as chairman of the board beginning in Nov. 2009. Riepe, senior advisor and retired vice chairman of investment firm the T. Rowe Price Group, has been chairman of the board since 1999.
11/26/08 5:00am

Study: Cost key in decision to attend college | Interactive Feature

Even though many students are qualified to enroll in postsecondary schools, they may decide not to earn a college degree. In a recent study conducted by the Institute for Higher Education Policy and supported by The Education Resource Institute, students and guidance counselors cited the high price of college tuition and insufficient financial-aid opportunities as the main reasons many students choose not to enroll in college.
11/24/08 5:00am

Affordable education key for Obama

Of the higher-education initiatives proposed by President-elect Barack Obama during his campaign, college accessibility and affordability rank highest on the priority list, education experts say. Additional financial aid will most likely come in the form of an American Opportunity Tax Credit, a fully refundable credit program that would cover students' tuition costs in exchange for community service.
11/19/08 5:00am

Gutmann, profs discuss world issues in Dubai

Penn professors are using their knowledge outside of the classroom - this month, some traveled as far as the Middle East to help draft solutions to major world problems. These faculty members, including Penn President Amy Gutmann, went to Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates, to meet with other members of new World Economic Forum councils.
11/18/08 5:00am

Perspective | Penn goes to Washington

The highlight of Wharton junior Ashley Gunn's summer was spending an hour talking to President Bush. "He answered questions off-the-record and was completely candid and honest," she said. Gunn - who was one of only 100 summer interns to volunteer at the White House - earned this conversation while working with the National Economic Counsel, mostly researching renewable energy and the housing bill.
11/17/08 5:00am

State gives $2M for construction of 40th and Pine hotel

The state of Pennsylvania recently approved a $2 million loan to the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation for the construction of a proposed hotel complex on 40th and Pine streets. Both the hotel developers, as well as state and local officials, hope the hotel - slated to be an extended-stay facility for families of patients in area hospitals - will serve as an economic catalyst in West Philadelphia.
11/11/08 5:00am

U. gets 1,000 names of low-income students

Penn received the names of more than 1,000 students this fall from a College Board pilot program that helps schools recruit students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Thirty-nine schools are participating in the program, which provides institutions with names of low-income students who have taken College Board exams and which marks a departure from the usual criteria to match students and schools.
11/06/08 5:00am

Report: Tuition and aid continue to rise

The price of a college education increases every year, but luckily, so do most schools' commitments to provide financial aid. At four-year public and private colleges, average tuition prices and financial-aid packages both increased for the current academic year, according to a report published by the College Board last week.
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