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11/23/15 4:04am
College Senior Jennifer Hebert has been named as a 2016 Rhodes Scholar.
10/28/15 3:49am
Tasked with everything from Zamboni-driving to gardening to glassblowing, here are a few roles you might not know existed at Penn, and the people who make them happen.
10/24/15 1:35am
Donna Barrett says Bill Cosby grabbed her from behind while she was officiating the 2004 Penn Relays at Franklin Field
10/13/15 7:27pm
Saturday Night Live cast member Vanessa Bayer won't be the only Penn alum on stage when the show broadcasts on Nov. 7th.
09/17/15 12:14am
For the first time since a string of suicides sparked a conversation about mental health on campus, the Penn administration is putting words into action.
09/13/15 2:00pm
Though the administration has been silent about Penn's history with 1968 Wharton grad Donald Trump, the DP compiled a timeline of his relationship with the school.
05/16/15 10:00am
The Daily Pennsylvanian asked some Penn administrators to reflect back on when they too were motivated young adults ready to conquer the world. Here is what they had to say.
04/29/15 1:42am
From his office on the 52nd floor of the Comcast Center, David L. Cohen has a panoramic view of Philadelphia, the city in which he is so deeply involved. But he insists on heading to the 56th floor to see his favorite view from the skyscraper.
04/28/15 12:50am
The latest acquisition for Penn Medicine includes a health system with three hospitals, worth nearly $1 billion.
04/22/15 12:52am
As the University expands its global reach in the 21st century, the school is focused not only on making an impact around the world, but also ensuring that the name Penn has the same meaning for individuals in Ghana, in China and elsewhere as it does for those in Philadelphia.
04/20/15 12:35am
Last week, a group of MD’s called for the removal of Penn alumnus Dr. Oz from the Columbia faculty because of his “disdain for science and for evidence-based medicine” as well as his promotion of “quack treatments.”
04/15/15 11:53pm
"Every law school... needs to recognize that we are in a shifting legal atmosphere both in the United States and around the world," Penn Law Dean Theodore Ruger said.
04/15/15 1:46am

Donita Brady named as Penn's seventh Presidential Professor

Effective July 1st, she will become the Presidential Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology at the Perelman School of Medicine.
03/31/15 12:50am
In an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn President Amy Gutmann, who is trained in political philosophy and political science, discussed the balance between fighting racism while protecting free speech.
03/30/15 1:38am
On Thursday, the Bioethics Commission chaired by Penn President Amy Gutmann released a report outlining fourteen recommendations addressing some of the ethical questions raised by neuroscience.
03/25/15 10:03am
While many university leaders across the country trumpet the qualifications of their graduating seniors, President Amy Gutmann is putting money where her mouth is.
03/19/15 1:04am
For the second time this school year, Penn writing professor Kenneth Goldsmith has made headlines for his eccentric work.
03/19/15 12:35am

ICYMI: News from spring break

If you were too busy lounging on a beach, sleeping or playing with your cat over Spring Break to read the Daily Pennsylvanian online, we’ve got you covered.
03/19/15 12:34am
Penn President Amy Gutmann has been in high demand this week.
03/17/15 12:54am
Penn Information Systems and Computing is leading an effort to bring a common email and calendar platform for the entire University
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02/01/16 12:36am

What we actually know about Donald Trump's ongoing relationship with Penn

Tycoon, hair stylist, show stopper: Presidential candidate Donald Trump has staked multiple new claims to fame since launching his presidential campaign. Now he hopes to cast himself in another role: family man.
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