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09/18/22 8:29pm
Guest columnist Bridget McGeehan opens up about her abortion experience in an effort to foster important dialogue in the post-Roe era.
03/22/12 10:03pm
Despite the challenges of campus life and limited options, many students still try to cook complete and nutritious meals with little time and money.
02/14/12 10:08pm
Some students choose to major in fine arts, while others pursue art as a hobby.
12/11/11 9:08pm

Panhellenic Council pairs shopping with philanthropy

This year, Panhel switched its main philanthropic outreach from Operation Warm to the Rena Rowan Breast Cancer Center. responsive.”
12/08/11 11:21pm

Parental concern about Greek life dissuades some students from rushing

While students who are interested in joining fraternities and sororities must deal with a number of considerations — including paying dues, signing up for housing and balancing academics with new student education — some must face these problems with a lack of parental support.
12/08/11 8:45pm
On Wednesday night, the Interfraternity Council held elections for its new executive board. College junior and current Zeta Beta Tau brother David Shapiro was elected as the IFC’s new president.
12/06/11 10:52pm

Students plan to lobby for Greek housing

This month, students involved with Greek life at Penn will have the opportunity to advocate for their fraternities and sororities in Washington, D.C.
11/29/11 11:51pm
College junior Jill Wang was selected president of the Panhellenic Council Monday night.
11/29/11 12:19am
While some low-maintenance students can stick an air mattress in the corner and call it a bedroom, others require a bit more to call a house a home.
11/27/11 10:54pm

Internationals experience traditional Thanksgiving

This thanksgiving marked the third year that international and exchange students were able to forgo empty dining halls to experience an American tradition firsthand.
11/17/11 12:25am

Cleaning services ease fraternity life

Fraternities and sororities hire cleaning services to make their houses presentable after parties.
11/15/11 10:38pm
Corey Meserva is responsible for providing fraternities and sororities at Penn with a combination of weekly dinners from Sunday through Wednesday nights, as well as Sunday brunches.
11/14/11 10:40pm

Greeks inherit housing leases from upperclassmen

Today marks the deadline for students leasing from University City’s biggest realtor, Campus Apartments, to renew their contracts. Many upperclassmen who will no longer occupy their residences have made agreements to “pass down” their lease.
11/03/11 11:27pm

Penn's Greek organizations plan for Homecoming weekend

Almost all Greek organizations will host events at their chapter houses for alumni in order to celebrate Homecoming.
11/02/11 10:02pm

Penn students react to meal swipe policy enactment

Last week, Business Services sent students who purchased the Eat Any Time meal plan an email restating its policy regarding “moocher meals” — the number of guest swipes allocated to each student. Business Services also posted flyers around the dining halls listing the plan’s terms and conditions. VIDEO: Students’ takes on unlimited dining plan
10/27/11 8:35pm
Thirty-six students in grades one through six from Comegys Elementary School were at ZBT’s chapter house for an hour of Halloween-themed activities.
10/25/11 11:41pm

Undergraduate TAs find balance with their students

Over six classes in Wharton, the College and Engineering have undergraduate teaching assistants in introductory courses
10/23/11 8:19pm

Quidditch team mounts its brooms

Penn’s new Quidditch team held its first practice on Hill Field, with about 20 students sporting athletic gear and brooms organizing themselves into a scrimmage. VIDEO: Penn Quidditch’s first scrimmage
10/21/11 12:48am
Earlier this month, Ben & Jerry’s board of directors declared its support for the Occupy Wall Street protests on its website. Closer to home, the Ben & Jerry’s on campus is trying to balance its support for the company and support from Penn students.
10/17/11 10:30pm
Greek Week, a biannual celebration involving the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council and the Multicultural Greek Council, began Monday with two kick-off events.
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