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11/06/13 4:20pm

Guest Column by Ashwin Shandilya | A home in the high rises

As Penn’s leaders consider ways to improve first-year housing, implementing a one-size-fits-all approach and banning freshmen from Harrison or Harnwell College House (or low-rise buildings like Stouffer College House) seems like an easy solution. But it’s the wrong one.
09/01/10 6:23pm

Ashwin Shandilya | 14 tips for the Class of 2014

No doubt freshmen are excited to begin their Penn experiences. For help along the way, I offer 14 bits of advice.
05/14/10 1:11am

Senior Goodbye from Ashwin Shandilya | Starting to ask the right questions

Penn — or more precisely — the people I’ve met at Penn, have played a huge role in that process of discovery.
04/22/10 5:09am

Penn vs Sword | More openness in discipline

Sexual assault will always be a sensitive issue. But when it comes improving the efficacy of any justice system, a good dose of transparency goes a long way.
04/15/10 2:15am

Penn vs Sword | A problematic identity crisis

Jumbled residency regulations don’t just confuse college students. They also significantly hamper civic engagement.
04/08/10 4:17am

Penn vs Sword | Need for three-year programs

As the price of higher education continues to climb, more colleges in the U.S. should also consider offering three-year undergraduate programs.
03/25/10 5:10am

Penn vs Sword | Pushing diversity too far

By failing to recognize how many minority students are actually satisfied with Penn’s campus environment, minority groups risk pushing their diversity initiatives too far and significantly damaging race relations on campus.
03/18/10 4:22am

Penn vs Sword | More to Wharton than Wall Street

When incoming students equate Wharton with a well-paid job, they risk ignoring the other incredible opportunities that Wharton, Penn and their own undergraduate education can offer them.
02/25/10 4:56am

Penn vs Sword | A waste of money

UA members need to remove Ivy Council’s funding from its 2010-2011 budget immediately. It’s time for student government to stop wasting our money.
02/18/10 4:49am

Penn vs Sword | Smarter sex education

The debate over moral values shouldn’t dominate how we develop effective sex-ed programs.
02/11/10 4:22am

Penn vs Sword | Savor the snow day

Hold onto these snow days, and use them to reconnect with the kid inside you.
02/04/10 6:00am

Penn vs Sword | Sensitivity is for ‘sissies’

Student minority groups have become far too sensitive about the language that others use. Not only does this cause an absurd level of political correctness that stifles campus discussion, but it also trivializes the real injustices these groups fight.
01/28/10 5:01am

Penn vs Sword | Signing off on a change

The Undergraduate Assembly unanimously passed a resolution urging Wharton to count American Sign Language courses toward the foreign-language requirement. Wharton should listen.
01/21/10 5:25am

Penn vs Sword | Drunk on bureaucracy

Our state’s alcohol laws need to catch up with the rest of society — and finally enter the 21st century.
01/14/10 5:48am

Penn vs Sword | Fit for curriculum

Schools must value physical health just as much as intellectual development.
02/19/08 5:00am

Upscale dining at its best, with food you won't forget

At La Terrasse, food is art. This, mind you, is coming from a person who loves to scoff at those establishments that serve you meager amounts of food decorated with superfluous frills, all while charging you an arm and a leg. But at La Terrasse, you get what you pay for - which in this case was simply a superb culinary experience.
01/16/08 5:00am

Meet Your Columnists

Monday Jim Saksa You Sir, are an Idiot College Senior Jim Saksa is finally graduating, so this semester should be spent boozing heavily with his SigEp frat brothers. Instead, he'll spend countless nights writing inane drivel for the DP. Hopefully, you'll appreciate the sacrifices he's making.
12/11/07 5:00am
Blood-thirsty yells shatter the solitude of Clark Park on a Saturday afternoon. At about 1:30 p.m., a motley group of kids brandishing plastic foam swords assemble on the northwestern corner of the park. When the game starts, they charge toward the other team, screaming at the top of their lungs.
11/29/07 5:00am

Gutmann to aid Nutter transition

Penn President Amy Gutmann is bringing her political expertise to the city of Philadelphia. Mayor-elect Michael Nutter appointed Gutmann and five other co-chairs to his transition team, yesterday. Gutmann said she was "honored" to serve as part of the team, which will evaluate the city's operations and develop long-term policy plans in preparation for the mayor-elect's administration.
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