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05/15/14 6:39pm

From under the button

If you ask a Penn student, you might get a raised eyebrow or a mischievous look when they tell you about the legend of having sex under The Button before senior year. (As a senior, I’d love to tell you about this—but I promised this column wouldn’t be about senior wisdom.)
04/24/14 8:01pm

Arielle Pardes | Sex as a community service

Every week, hundreds Penn students file into dusty classrooms in West Philadelphia’s middle and high schools where they tutor students in math and English and science.
04/03/14 6:59pm

Arielle Pardes | Why men should embrace Lulu

So if women are generally pretty generous with their ratings and they’re using the app to recommend their guy friends, crushes and ex-boyfriends to other women rather than to bash them for past experiences, why are men so afraid of it? Rather than being full of the vindictive reviews that men seem wary of, most Lulu scores are actually full of praise.
02/27/14 7:28pm

Arielle Pardes | The freshman porn star

Back in January, a Duke freshman named Thomas Bagley was huddled up in his dorm room, watching porn on his laptop, when he saw something that made him pause the scene.
02/13/14 8:34pm

Arielle Pardes | The little pink pill

But some women simply have lower libidos, and that’s completely normal. The growing interest in forms of “female Viagra” like Lady Prelox can make it seem like not feeling readily available for sex is an abnormality.
01/30/14 5:51pm

Arielle Pardes | You, me and glass

Glance (which has also been buzzed about under the name “Sex With Glass”) was dreamed up by a team of London-based developers who promise users they can “experience sex like never before.” The thrust of it is watching yourself have sex, from your partner’s perspective.
01/16/14 8:06pm

Arielle Pardes | The fromage fetish

Anything that veers too far from “normal” suddenly raises eyebrows. Having a thing for thigh-highs screams sexy, but having a thing for cheese signals perversion.
12/04/13 3:35pm

Arielle Pardes | What's your number?

When we lie about our numbers, we simply reinforce those tired gender stereotypes and the problematic binary that establishes women as either promiscuous or prudish.
11/13/13 9:13pm

Arielle Pardes | The contraception problem

The complaints about hormonal birth control pills are extensive: They make women feel moody, bloated, tired, excessively horny, nauseous and so much more.
11/06/13 4:30pm

Arielle Pardes | Stop cyberstalking your ex

Actively engaging, instead of the one-sided cyberstalking that we’re wont to do, can help tame the feelings of insanity, jealousy and powerlessness that come from seeing our exes all over the internet.
10/30/13 5:06pm

Arielle Pardes | Happy whore-o-ween

The outfit you wear does not prescribe your actions for Halloween night — and maybe we should stop calling them “slutty” costumes altogether.
10/23/13 6:53pm

Arielle Pardes | Have your cake and eat it, too

While non-monogamy isn’t a cure-all for relationships that don’t feel salubrious to begin with, it can relieve the smothering sense of FOMO from college relationships.
10/02/13 5:49pm

Arielle Pardes | Confronting the naked truth

The culture at Penn isn’t one that would support an event like Nudity Week — and that’s a shame.
09/25/13 6:35pm

Arielle Pardes | Pandora’s box, delivered to your doorstep

There’s a subscription service for everything. But will the subscription commerce model work for sex?
09/18/13 5:43pm

Arielle Pardes | Playing Playboy

Unlike many of our peer institutions, Penn has made it a priority to promote conversations about consent.
09/12/13 4:45pm

Arielle Pardes | Digital Get Down

In most cases, sexting holds the same appeal as any other erotic act — the only difference is that it’s digitalized.
09/04/13 6:19pm

Arielle Pardes | Can’t we all just dance?

The twerk used to be just a bouncy dance that came of age in a culture where people just wanted to get down and have a good time. It was good, clean fun.
08/28/13 6:02pm

Arielle Pardes | The freshman fetish

Over the past week, as freshmen have become oriented (or disoriented) on campus, their sex appeal is at its peak.
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