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18 hours ago
Residents have become increasingly concerned by dust entering the hallways from the construction, which may contain lead paint from the original structure built in 1920, and construction material blocking fire escapes.
01/15/20 10:17pm
The researchers used proton radiation to generate "one rapid treatment" known as FLASH radiotherapy, according to Penn Medicine News.
12/09/19 10:13pm
The course will focus on social, political, and historical issues surrounding immigration on the United States-Mexico border.
11/24/19 11:44pm
According to the 2019 Action Plan for Faculty Excellence and Diversity, 35% of University standing faculty are female and over 8% are underrepresented minorities. 
11/24/19 11:20pm
The group will talk about how to foster research and teaching of climate change worldwide, in addition to discussing how Penn could be more sustainable.
11/18/19 11:53pm
Beginning in August, Penn renovated the building with new wall coverings, couches and chairs, and signage that points to the cultural resource centers located in the basement. 
11/13/19 11:07pm
Moving La Casa Latina, Makuu, and the Pan-Asian American Community House out of the ARCH basement has been a longstanding goal of the 6B. 
11/12/19 7:29pm
The study, published in Nature, found that a protein called adenine nucleotide translocator is needed to remove damaged mitochondria from the body in a process called mitophagy.  
11/11/19 7:26pm
Grossman graduated from Penn Medicine in 1973 and completed residency in neurosurgery and radiology.
10/21/19 1:24am
The "Reimagining Mental Health" conference featured speakers from across the Philadelphia and Penn communities who discussed harm reductionist and trauma-informed approaches to health care.
09/25/19 9:37am
Rapper and Philadelphia native Meek Mill donated backpacks and supplies to his former elementary school as part of his ongoing philanthropic efforts in the city.
09/18/19 9:47pm
This was the third installment of the 1.5* Minute Climate Lecture series, a popup program organized by the College of Arts and Sciences every Wednesday this September. 
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