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18 hours ago
The course will focus on social, political, and historical issues surrounding immigration on the United States-Mexico border.
11/24/19 11:44pm
According to the 2019 Action Plan for Faculty Excellence and Diversity, 35% of University standing faculty are female and over 8% are underrepresented minorities. 
11/24/19 11:20pm
The group will talk about how to foster research and teaching of climate change worldwide, in addition to discussing how Penn could be more sustainable.
11/18/19 11:53pm
Beginning in August, Penn renovated the building with new wall coverings, couches and chairs, and signage that points to the cultural resource centers located in the basement. 
11/13/19 11:07pm
Moving La Casa Latina, Makuu, and the Pan-Asian American Community House out of the ARCH basement has been a longstanding goal of the 6B. 
11/12/19 7:29pm
The study, published in Nature, found that a protein called adenine nucleotide translocator is needed to remove damaged mitochondria from the body in a process called mitophagy.  
11/11/19 7:26pm
Grossman graduated from Penn Medicine in 1973 and completed residency in neurosurgery and radiology.
10/21/19 1:24am
The "Reimagining Mental Health" conference featured speakers from across the Philadelphia and Penn communities who discussed harm reductionist and trauma-informed approaches to health care.
09/25/19 9:37am
Rapper and Philadelphia native Meek Mill donated backpacks and supplies to his former elementary school as part of his ongoing philanthropic efforts in the city.
09/18/19 9:47pm
This was the third installment of the 1.5* Minute Climate Lecture series, a popup program organized by the College of Arts and Sciences every Wednesday this September. 
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