Articles by Amasha Jayaratne

01/17/22 10:33pm
The new requirement applies to any Philadelphia establishment that sells food and drink for onsite consumption indoors — including movie theaters, bowling alleys, and sports venues.
11/16/21 12:01am
Farley resigned from his previous position after he admitted to authorizing the disposal without identifying the victims of the MOVE bombing, which killed 11 people.
10/25/21 11:53pm
The environmental interventions include tree planting and rehabilitating abandoned houses, while the economic interventions will involve connecting participants to food and unemployment benefits.
10/22/21 1:11am
Family Weekend will include both live and asynchronous Zoom webinars and BlueJeans conferences with speakers from the University.
10/03/21 11:56pm
The program director said that Yale allowed donors to exert inappropriate influence on the program’s curriculum by agreeing to the creation of a predominantly conservative advisory board.
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