Student Life

04/04/17 10:29pm
After clearing it with the president’s office the afternoon before the show, College senior and Mask and Wig Chairman Tim Bloom invited Gutmann onto the stage to sing Penn’s song, "The Red and Blue."
03/23/17 1:46am
Team Haya qualified for the Regional Finals in Boston by winning the Hult Prize at Penn, proposing a plant-based toothbrush that does not require water or toothpaste. 
07/21/16 3:38am
Move over, Masala – another Penn a cappella group is hitting the TV screen with perfect pitch.
06/23/16 4:01am
Penn Wellness is set to receive $8000 from VPUL for the upcoming school year after not previously being allocated an annual budget.
06/16/16 4:23am
"Some people said ‘this is the coolest thing ever’ and others were like ‘what are you doing, you’re ruining your life'."
06/16/16 4:20am
"Adding scholarship recipients from these countries will add both ethnic and, hopefully, socioeconomic diversity to the Rhodes community and to Oxford."
02/09/16 7:57am
A four bedroom residence at the Radian costs $1650-$1700 per month — almost the same rate as a four bedroom quad in Harnwell, Harrison or Rodin.
02/09/16 4:56am
Four years ago, Masti had never competed in a dance competition.
04/01/15 3:22am
In the social consciousness of the American public, universities have ceased to be thought of simply as academic institutions, and have come to be regarded as the final step in the developmental process — processing factories for adults, even.
03/23/15 2:04am

Guest column by Adam Hersh | Perpetuating exclusivity: the superfluousness of senior societies

On a regular basis this month, we’ll all get to enjoy the spectacle of well-credentialed people in silly clothes running drunkenly around campus drawing chalk symbols on whatever surface they can find.
03/19/15 12:58am
We’ve all heard the urges to get into Center City more, to escape Penn’s boundaries and take advantage of the tourist destination at our fingertips. I love Philadelphia and have made some of my fondest memories this year exploring downtown, but I’m so attached to the environment we create on campus.
03/18/15 12:59am
Going to a different school for one year hasn’t made me more mature or more experienced than my peers who spent their first year at Penn. From what I have experienced, colleges are more similar than they are different.
03/17/15 4:00am
NICK MONCY is a College junior from North Miami, Fla. His email address is
03/16/15 3:52am
As youth, we also often forget that we are mortal. This is good, because it affords us the confidence to aspire for whatever we dream of without the stuttering stultification of self-doubt.
03/05/15 3:27am
Change doesn’t have to come with an official label. It doesn’t need University funding or a DP article to appear valid. Efforts we make on a small scale are just as legitimate. If we want to change Penn — to really alter the things we all dislike about the University — then we need to start at the individual level.
02/26/15 5:34am
As much as I remind myself that this summer won’t define my career, it’s hard to escape the group mentality that permeates out of Huntsman — which was why I was so impressed when my roommate came home one day and announced she wasn’t looking for internships.
02/24/15 6:02am
NICK MONCY is a College junior from North Miami, Fla. His email address is
02/24/15 5:56am

Guest column by Julia Slater | More than a week for women

Sometimes it’s easy to sweep sexism under the rug. Sometimes it's easy to see it as a problem that exists elsewhere — not on college campuses, and certainly not at a place as progressive as Penn.
02/23/15 5:02am
ANNEKA DECARO is a College freshman from Austin, TX. Her email address is
02/19/15 3:31am
The University should work on promoting its Early Decision policies to lower-income communities. Penn should work with organizations like QuestBridge, which works with high-achieving, low-income students, and others that help underserved groups through the college admissions process.