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7 hours ago
Columnist Noor Chafouk details fallacies of freedom of speech arguments in the context of Amy Wax and the Palestine Writes Literature Festival.
15 hours ago
Columnist Vinay Khosla dissects the harmful commodification of feminism that infused this summer’s cultural phenomena. 
15 hours ago
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi posits that there is a much more traditional conception of womanhood at the root of the summer’s most iconic “feminist” media hits. 
09/20/23 9:19pm
Columnist Riane Lumer argues that Elon Musk's threats to the Anti-Defamation League are a deterrent from his own pitfalls. 
09/18/23 10:07pm
Guest Columnist Eyal Yakoby explains the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement’s fraudulent goals, and its connection to students on Penn’s campus. 
09/15/23 8:12pm
Columnist Allison Santa-Cruz argues that despite progress in the respect and interest in women’s sports, misogyny is still alive and well: both in the cultural discourse about it, and within the very institution of athletics itself.  
09/14/23 10:13am
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi explains how the Sidechat discourse around Penn’s treatment of 9/11 is indicative of a broader culture of self-censorship.
09/13/23 7:20pm
Columnist Mia Vesely calls for reformed FGLI resources after Penn administration abruptly suspends a popular textbook access initiative for students. 
09/12/23 9:25pm
Columnist Zara Tena explores how Penn culture pushes students to reach for perfection. 
09/07/23 12:15pm
Vinay Khosla and Lexi Boccuzzi deliberate over what the first Republican presidential primary debate means for the race overall. 
09/07/23 12:07am
Opinion Editor Caroline Magdolen implores the Penn community to get involved and stay engaged with the Daily Pennsylvanian this school year. 
09/05/23 11:44pm
Sangitha Aiyer credits Sidechat for dismantling of one of Penn’s most significant mental health phenomenons.
08/25/23 10:57pm
Columnist Hanadi Abdulkadir reflects on her experience with an injury during the semester and how it relates to students with disabilities. 
08/22/23 12:16am
The Daily Pennsylvanian’s Opinion Department shares its recommendations for what to do around Penn and Philadelphia before you graduate.
08/21/23 10:34pm
Columnists at The Daily Pennsylvanian and Penn community members alike have shared their thoughts, reactions, and insights on the Supreme Court's decision to forbid race-conscious admissions in higher education.
08/21/23 2:45pm
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi breaks down how race-based affirmative action failed to fulfill its potential promises.
08/20/23 10:42pm
Columnist Spencer Gibbs cautions how to react to some of the protests that students may encounter on Locust.
08/02/23 12:00am
Columnist Adeoluwa Fatukasi discusses the values of Penn’s general education curriculum and the necessary emphasis on critical theory in the classroom. 
08/01/23 3:35pm
Columnist Vinay Khosla argues Asian Americans’ participation in ending affirmative action is indicative of an internalization of the model minority myth.
07/26/23 12:00am
Columnist Azza Elrashid reflects on the nuances of affirmative action as the daughter of African immigrants.