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Guest Columns

05/19/24 9:13am
Philadelphia-area graduate student workers come together to criticize Penn’s decision to dismantle the Gaza Solidarity Encampment.
05/17/24 4:04pm
Guest Columnist Eyal Yakoby writes about how the fabrication of what has happened on Penn’s campus furthers harm to students and undermines peaceful protest.
05/16/24 7:00pm
Former Editor-in-Chief Imran Siddiqui reflects on what his time at the DP taught him about the work that goes into creating meaningful change on campus and beyond.
05/16/24 3:00pm
Former Deputy Sports Editor Eashwar Kantemneni takes us through his initial dislike for journalism, to The DP becoming an integral part of his college experience.
05/16/24 11:00am
Former Street editor-in-chief Walden Green reflects on the DP’s internal politicking, and why we shouldn’t lose sight of what really matters.
05/15/24 7:00pm
Former Copy Editor Julia Fischer contemplates a college experience defined by curiosity and encourages others to investigate and explore.
05/15/24 3:00pm
Former DP President Jesse Zhang reflects on the abnormality of his time at Penn, finding resilience and purpose in navigating unprecedented times.
05/15/24 11:00am
Former Sports Editor Esther Lim reflects on her favorite moments of action in Penn sports.
05/14/24 7:00pm
Former Sports Editor Matthew Frank reflects on four years in one of the strangest niches in journalism: college sports.
05/13/24 11:18pm
Former Copy Editor Allyson Nelson details how pursuing multiple interests can help you appreciate their individual importance.
05/13/24 11:13pm
Guest columnist Tulia Falleti writes to resign from the position of Chair of the Faculty Senate.
05/12/24 10:44pm
Guest columnist George Honig argues Penn administration should not have sent in police to end the encampment.
05/07/24 3:05pm
Guest columnist Ben Messafi argues the first step to proper civil discourse and de-escalation on campus is to end the encampment.
05/07/24 12:34pm
Guest columnist Zack Ben-Ezra calls on Penn leadership to fairly and even handedly uphold free speech and university policy in a viewpoint-neutral manner.
05/06/24 2:45pm
Guest columnist Faresi Alfaresi asserts that Arab and Muslim students have been consistently ignored and deprioritized by Penn administration, alumni, and the community itself since the escalation of the conflict on Oct. 7.
05/06/24 2:41pm
Guest columnists Ann Farnsworth-Alvear and Zita Cristina Nunes urge the Penn administration to negotiate with protesters and protect freedom of speech on campus. 
05/06/24 11:51am
Guest Columnists Olivia Haynie, Jack Starobin, and Evie Klein write about their experiences as Jewish students of professors accused of antisemitism.
05/06/24 9:15am
Guest Columnist and Penn parent Natalie Minkovsky praises student protestors’ act of moral conviction and calls on the University’s administration to engage in a dialogue.
05/04/24 3:59pm
Guest Columnist Omonye Osezua highlights her experiences and urges Penn to enhance the visibility and accessibility of its support services for FGLI students. 
05/04/24 1:29pm
Guest columnist and Faculty Senate Chair Tulia Falleti urges Penn administration to protect peaceful protest and engage with students.