Crime And Courts

04/12/11 7:46am

Attempted rape in Fairmount Park

DPS advises caution after an attempted rape was reported Monday in Fairmount Park against a 17-year-old female jogger, unaffiliated with the University.
04/11/11 7:33am

Rajaratnam defense proceeds to call witnesses

The prosecution in the trial against Raj Rajaratnam rested its case on April 6, and the defense will begin calling witnesses Monday.
04/08/11 7:17am

Students attacked in possible hate crime at Swarthmore

The attack of a Penn student and a Swarthmore College student on Swarthmore’s campus by a group of teenagers on March 27 may have been spurred by anti-gay bias.
04/07/11 8:02am

Student arrested for assault on cop Friday

Wharton sophomore Jan Egeman was arrested for aggravated assault and resisting arrest, among other charges.
04/07/11 5:55am

March crime drops 34 percent

Property crimes decreased 35 percent, while violent crimes went down 28.5 percent. Total crime for 2011 is 10 percent lower compared to the same period last year.
04/06/11 9:45am

Penn Med doctor to pay $10M in suit

A Philadelphia jury ruled Monday that Penn Medicine neurologist Leo McCluskey owes $9.65 million in damages to a patient misdiagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease 8 years ago.
04/05/11 8:14am

*DPS robbed Friday morning

At about 2:30 a.m. on Friday, three individuals successfully cleaned out the Division of Public Safety’s bicycle garage in a robbery by demand note.
04/04/11 6:16am

Focus of Rajaratnam trial shifts to witness testimonies

As the prosecution part of the trial against Raj Rajaratnam comes to an end, the trial is starting to focus on the defense and some of the witnesses it might call to testify.
03/31/11 9:20am

DPS identifies pattern of burglaries

In the past two weeks, there have been four burglaries in the residential area around 40th and 41st streets from Pine to Sansom Streets, Penn Police said.
03/31/11 4:37am

TD Bank robbery suspect in custody

The suspect in a robbery at the TD Bank on Walnut Street is now in custody, DPS confirmed. No injuries were reported.
03/30/11 7:36am

Crime Log: March 18-25

The DP's weekly crime blotter for the week of March 18-25, with an interactive map.
03/28/11 7:34pm

AT&T; armed robbery case still open

The AT&T; store at 3741 Walnut Street was reportedly the site of an armed robbery Monday morning. No injuries were reported.
03/23/11 7:38am

Crime log: March 11-17

The DP's weekly crime blotter for March 11-17.
03/23/11 7:07am
The Medical Emergency Response Team takes a DP reporter behind the scenes of dealing with an emergency.
03/23/11 5:44am

Rajaratnam trial rages on

The trial of Raj Rajaratnam, a Wharton alumnus accused of insider trading, continued in New York this past week with both sides taking unexpected approaches.
03/17/11 10:23am

Feburary campus crime down 2.9 percent

Police Chief Mark Dorsey attributes this to the fact that the Division of Public Safety recently has taken into custody a number of criminals who had plagued the campus with theft.
03/17/11 10:14am
Four Penn Police officers were honored Wednesday night for their work in the carjacking incident that turned violent on the edge of campus last November.
03/17/11 10:03am

Trial date set for alleged carjacker

A trial date for Leslie Mosby, the alleged carjacker involved in the shootout at 40th Street and Locust Walk last November, was set for Sept. 26 at a scheduling conference on Wednesday.
03/16/11 7:37am

Crime Log: March 4-9

The DP's crime blotter from March 4-9.
03/14/11 6:23am

Rajaratnam trial continues

Jurors in the trial against Wharton alumnus Raj Rajaratnam heard tapes on March 10 of recorded conversations between Rajaratnam and those who allegedly supplied him with insider trading information, according to a New York Times article.