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Out of ideas when you're sexiled by your roommate? The DP's got you covered.

Credit: Carson Kahoe

1. Call home! You probably haven’t done that in a while, and now you have even less of an excuse than you ordinarily would.

2. If you’ve brought your backpack with you, study for something. Anything. You’ll also feel proactive, which is always nice.

3. Bother all of your busy friends into letting you chill with them and distract them from doing the actual things they need to be doing.

4. Go food shopping! You’re probably out of granola bars or cereal or something. Maybe even discover a new grocery store that’s off the beaten path so you can kill more time.

5. Go for a reallllllly long walk. Get a bit lost so it’ll take longer to get back and you’ll become more navigationally savvy in the process.

6. Skype your ex. Just kidding. Don’t do that.

7. If it’s night, attend a party. Maybe tomorrow you won’t remember getting sexiled at all.

8. Sit outside and strike up a conversation with anyone who walks by, somehow incorporating your situation into each one. You might make some friends this way too which is always a good thing. You can then laugh about this later.

9. Get coffee. If you feel really bad for yourself, splurge on a latte. Coffee shops are excellent places to sit and relax and not think about what’s going on right next to where you sleep. Well, hopefully next to where you sleep.

10. See it as a challenge to get some action yourself. Just, elsewhere.

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