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01/22/18 8:00am
HamCo will include a karaoke speakeasy bar, a Halal Guys, as well as a 10,000 square-foot, $7-8 million “amenity building” with a rooftop pool, hot tub, gym, and outdoor kitchen for residents. 
12/03/17 8:48pm
For the first four months of school, the total of registered events increased by 65 percent, from 127 last year to 194 this year.
11/14/17 10:07pm
“We are emphatically opposed to this tax proposal," said Graduate and Professional Student Assembly President Miles Owen. 
11/12/17 6:48pm
An Engineering sophomore, who has collected approximately 200 illegally download films on his computer, received a warning email but did not face further repercussions. 
11/05/17 6:18pm
Various establishments near campus have been cited for health violations, though students don't always think these violations are reason enough to avoid the eateries. 
10/20/17 10:35pm
Rogers’ mother addressed the crowd and encouraged everyone to use their love of Henry to make an impact. 
10/11/17 3:36pm
“As a transfer, it’s a little bit harder because people already have their friend groups. It’s nice to get to know people right away on your floor," College junior August Gebhard-Koenigstein said.
10/01/17 8:19pm
Of the 24 Event Observers, about one-third are Penn graduate and professional students; another third are staff members, and the final third are individuals affiliated with Penn.
09/28/17 6:27pm
Capogiro co-owner Stephanie Reitano attributed the shop's closing to high rents and local competition. 
09/18/17 12:15am
Five of the fourteen students to have died by suicide since February 2013 at Penn have been graduate students.
09/11/17 2:00pm
“We’re here forever as long as we’re concerned," said Fresh Grocer store manager Dawn Goldstein.
09/11/17 9:00am
A lawyer said Penn's policies surrounding maternity leave may not seem fair, but are definitely legal. 
08/24/17 1:48pm
In June, some 10 students admitted to Harvard University had their offers rescinded for posting offensive memes in a group chat.   
08/13/17 1:08pm
The pro-union group Graduate Employees Together — University of Pennsylvania, better known as GET-UP, blasted Amy Wax's op-ed as "hateful and regressive" and called on Penn President Amy Gutmann to condemn it.
08/08/17 9:39am
Penn contested the terms of a crucial vote at the National Labor Relations Board for three months, delaying the efforts of pro-union graduate students. 
07/19/17 8:49pm
Paul Sniegowski is an avid biker known among colleagues and students for his friendliness and sense of humor.
07/19/17 8:53am
Employees praised Penn Medicine's culture, which values hard work, intelligence and playfulness. 
06/30/17 12:03pm
President Trump said in a June 16 memo that he plans to continue the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects "dreamers" — individuals who entered the United States as children.
06/23/17 3:00pm
At approximately 1:13 p.m., the Division of Public Safety released its third safety alert in the past three days.
06/15/17 10:35pm
According to a financial advice website, the city is 14th in the country for summer internships, but a staggering 111th for summer jobs. 
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