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Harrison College House is home to many gender-neutral dorms

Credit: Julio Sosa , Julio Sosa

Anna Bedrosian is like any junior in the College living in the on-campus Harrison College House — except that she lives with two boys. Bedrosian signed up to live in gender neutral housing with a platonic male friend, and found that living with two boys wasn’t all that different from living with her previous all-female Penn roommates in Harrison and Hill College Houses. The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down for a Q&A with Bedrosian about what it's like to live in gender neutral housing. 

Why did you decide living with boys was right for you?

I decided to sign up for gender neutral housing, because one of my friends who I wanted to live with was a guy, so it just made sense. I didn’t really give the gender difference a second thought.

Did you have doubts?

No, not at all. My friend and I ended up having another space in our triple, so Penn placed a third roommate with us who is also a guy. It ended up working out great — we all are pretty good roommates I think!

How did you sign up?

It’s just one question on the on-campus housing application. I’m pretty sure even if you select that option, you can randomly end up with someone who is the same gender as you.

Is it different than living with all girls?

I lived with three other girls last year, and it’s basically the same to be honest. Everyone can be messy regardless of gender, and everyone can be clean. The only gender difference, really, is sometimes the toilet seat is up.

Have you lived with members of the other gender before?

I had a single in Hill freshman year, and last year I lived in the same house, Harrison, in a quad with three girls, so this is my first year living with someone of a different gender.

Was is the right move?

Absolutely! I don’t regret it at all. I think having roommates is all about being comfortable living with others, and it’s no different living with the guys.

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