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12/09/15 12:01am
The family of former Nursing student Arya Singh sued Penn and Amazon after her suicide in Feb. 2013. 
12/03/15 12:38am
What would happen if the entire Penn Police force’s security communication system went dark due to a simple power outage or a natural disaster?
11/23/15 10:01pm
In January, he will serve as a judge on Philadelphia's Court of Common Pleas, to which he was recently elected.
11/23/15 4:00am
Last Thursday, College freshman Natalie Breuel’s hands shook as she walked onto the stage at a black tie charity gala for the anti-gun violence Brady Campaign.
11/19/15 10:06am
Penn Police can now access live security camera feeds from the underground subway stations around campus through a partnership with SEPTA.
11/16/15 2:22am
The Penn Guardian app allows the Penn Police to identify and retrieve personalized information about each registered caller. 
11/12/15 1:47am
A former Penn Medicine employee is suing the University for unlawful termination in what the University claims was a bogus age discrimination complaint. 
11/08/15 10:08pm
At 2 p.m. on Oct. 5, College freshman Natalie Breuel felt forced to choose between her education and her safety. 
11/03/15 11:40pm
A new contactless PennCard swipe system has been installed by the Division of Public Safety in major buildings on campus, and the futuristic tap-security setup is streamlining entrances and advancing safety at Penn. 
10/29/15 6:41pm
Thefts from buildings on campus have seen the most significant drop, coming down 41 counts in 2015. 
10/18/15 11:57pm
A new peer education student group educates other students on how to be active bystanders in ending sexual and relationship violence on campus.
10/15/15 12:15am
He bought and tested material on Penn's dime and sold them privately for his own company.
10/13/15 4:10am
Anna Bedrosian is like any junior in the College living in the on-campus Harrison house — except that she lives with two boys.
10/13/15 12:25am
With a new app, students can now text anonymous tips to Penn Police. 
10/01/15 1:38am
In 2013, the Daily Pennsylvanian conducted a similar poll on the student body — and not much has changed. 
09/24/15 12:39am
When the Pope comes to town, transportation around campus is going to be limited almost exclusively to emergency vehicles since Penn is surrounded by some of the best hospitals in Philadelphia.
09/22/15 11:41pm
Ommett Levine works at the PennComm Operations Center, a department under the Division of Public Safety that functions as a 24/7 virtual patrol center.
09/13/15 11:43pm
DPS is working with members of the Positive Psychology Center to craft the training program.
09/09/15 8:45pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush to find out what you need to know to stay safe.
09/09/15 12:54am
Penn is named as a defendant due to alleged “unsympathetic, hostile and at times vindictive” behavior that administrators showed towards Arya Singh.
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