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On Tuesday night, the Lambda Alliance elected College junior Dawn Androphy to her second term as the umbrella group’s chair. The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to her about the coalition’s work over the past year and its plans for next semester.

The Daily Pennsylvanian: What do you think were the successes of your last term?

Dawn Androphy: Last year was a really rebuilding year for the Alliance, and this year I’m going to be able to continue on that rebuilding and continue raising our presence on campus and our advocacy issues. Also I think that as a returning chair, I have the ability to see through projects that I began last year … Certain things like the Faculty Diversity Action Plan and our work with the Greek community would really benefit from me continuing to work on those projects.

DP: Tell me more about the plans you have about working with Greek life.

DA: Beginning with my predecessor [College senior] Hugh Hamilton, we began doing new member education programs with the Interfraternity Council. I did that last year and I plan to do it again this year … One thing I have done is begin to work with the Panhellenic Council to collaborate with them. We’re doing that in two ways: One, we’re doing a new member education program similar to what we do with the Interfraternity Council. But we’re also going to be doing training for Rho Gammas, who are really essential to creating a comfortable rush process for questioning or LBGTQ students or anyone who just wants to be an ally for someone in their sorority.

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DP: Do you want to tell me a little bit more about the project you have for financial aid?

DA: With financial aid, there will be collaboration across the 5B, but we’re working with the Financial Aid Office to make sure that the needs of queer students, particularly queer students who may be financially independent from their parents … are being met. The University already does a lot of really great work in this area, but we want to make sure that there is potentially a student advisory board for financial aid office and we also want to make sure that the Financial [Aid Office] continues to understand the needs of queer students and people of color and people who [are] obviously in both of those categories.

DP: Is there anything that you have already planned for next semester?

DA: I really would like to continue our collaboration with other 5B boards. Last year, entering this position, it was a huge priority to increase Lambda Alliance’s presence both on the 5B and across campus and I really think those two go hand in hand … I’d also like to continue our pattern of doing awesome active programming because a lot of our people fall into many of these communities.

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DP: Can you talk to me more about the Faculty Diversity Action Plan?

DA: We’re really making great inroads with the Engineering School … They are one of the last undergraduate schools that in our eyes could increase the inclusiveness of their Faculty Diversity Action Plan and they’ve been very receptive. I’m really looking forward to working with them and Engineering junior and QPOC co-chair Stephen Masso for rest of the year to really improve on their plan. Another thing I’m looking forward to is working with incoming Vice Chair of Finance and Development Frank Wolfand with faculty across campus about ways we can improve the plans for all of the schools.

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