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In October of my freshman year, my very first Daily Pennsylvanian article was published. It was, of course, none other than a highly coveted, high-profile cross-country story. The lede essentially wrote itself, as one of the Penn runners had finished the race with only one sneaker.

As my four years as a Penn student draw to a close, I can safely say that my often-tumultuous relationship with The DP was a lot like finishing an 8K race with only one shoe.

At times, my experiences were difficult — editing on a short-handed board, foregoing weekends of socializing and studying to embark on long Ivy road trips and, of course, suffering mass amounts of sleep deprivation.

But although I may be a bit battered and bruised, reaching the finish line has been all the more rewarding.

I’ve been quoted as saying, “_The Daily Pennsylvanian_ has opened up so many doors for me.” And while that statement has since become a punch line, it could not be more accurate. I’ve had the opportunity to meet athletes, coaches and Penn Athletics supporters whose work ethics and levels of commitment are simply awe-inspiring.

But perhaps the most important door that has been opened is a personal one. The DP has challenged me in ways I could have never imagined. The hard times pushed me to be more positive. The good times fostered amazing friendships. And everything in between has made me appreciate every opportunity I’ve been given.

I’ve grown more in the confines of that windowless office than I ever thought possible. And I could not be more grateful.

Now, because I’ve (not-so-secretly) always wanted to give an Oscar speech, I’d like to thank the Academy …

To Mom and Dad: Words cannot express how much you mean to me. You are my inspiration. Without your positive influence, I would not be the person I am today. I am so blessed to have your support and unconditional love.

To John and Joseph: Thank you for always challenging me to be a better person, sister and, yes, sports fan. I love you.

To my friends: Thank you for your unwavering support, kindness, laughter … and patience. Thanks for always grabbing a copy of the paper for me.

To my slew of senior sports editors, Klitzman, Michael, Calder and Megan: Thank you for your tireless dedication. You’ve been amazing co-workers, but more importantly, you’ve become amazing friends.

And, finally, to _The Daily Pennsylvanian_’s Only Section That Matters: It’s been a great run.

JENNIFER SCUTERI is a 2012 College graduate and former Associate Sports Editor of The Daily Pennsylvanian from Berwyn, Pa. Next year she will be working for the National Football League. She can be contacted at

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