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Our turbans must have been tied too tight when we universally picked Princeton to defeat Columbia last week at Wing Stadium. How could our perennial perfection be marred by such an unsightly blunder. This left us no choice but to get on our carpets and fly to our place of miscue, where we once again promptly found the university's sign, "Welcome to The College of New Jersey". Wasn't this Princeton's alias? But the students below weren't wearing vests and pocket protectors. Luckily, the swamis came upon The College of New Jersey athletic communications director Ann Bready, who set our genius at ease. "We are The College of New Jersey," Bready said. "Princeton took us to court. But that never was their name. They called themselves College of New Jersey." This explanation provided ample reason why the football team we scouted last week showed signs of talent. Had we correctly flown to College of New Jersey sans "The", we would have seen the kind of inept play characterizing the Princeton Tigers we remember. But rather than make a flight across Jersey, we decided to extend our visit, honoring Bready as a guest Swami. Our newest compatriot joined us in selecting the winner of four Ivy League football games, starting with the Dartmouth versus Columbia matchup. "Dartmouth is pretty good this year, aren't they?" queried Bready. " I'll pick Dartmouth 36, Columbia 14." Bready also selected Cornell and Harvard, and then boldly made her prediction for the game that the Swamis are most looking forward to this weekend. But before we could dismiss the Tigers' chances, we wanted Bready's opinion whether it was possible last weekend's rains caused the Tigers' flop. "We actually had a great game in the same exact weather," Bready said. "We had a 40-yard punt return and a 73-yard touchdown pass." That was enough to convince us that Princeton was indeed the crappy football team that lost to Columbia last weekend. We swamis loosened our turbans and flew away on our carpets, assured of a return to picking perfection to which we have become accustomed.

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