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Angry that funding for the Student Activities Council has not increased relative to inflation and tuition hikes, SAC leaders said they are preparing to fight the administration for more money. SAC Chairperson Sue Moss said yesterday that while tuition increased over 7.2 percent last year, the SAC working budget rose by one percent, which she said could leave many student clubs and organizations underfunded. Moss said SAC, an umbrella organization which allocates money to over 160 student groups, needs substantial increases in funding to meet rising costs in advertising, printing and facilities. She added that SAC is already "slowing down" its funding and clubs are "starting to feel the pinch." "Because funding is not there, student life is being sacrificed," Moss said yesterday. "Activities must be adequately funded to account for increasing cost everywhere." But Student Life Director Francine Walker said last night that total student government funds have kept pace with increases in the general fee, adding that some funds have shifted from SAC to the newly-formed Student Planning and Events Committee. Walker said that the funding shift was approved by student government members, including SAC members. Vice Provost for University Life Kim Morrisson said last night that because of the formation of SPEC, SAC will not receive any more funds. Moss said that SPEC and SAC have a separate purpose, adding that the money allotted to SPEC should not be subtracted from the SAC budget. "Regardless of how much money goes to SPEC, the clubs and organizations funded by SAC have certain needs and those needs have to be adequately funded," Moss said. "Just because SPEC exists does not mean that the funding for those clubs should be affected." VPUL Morrisson said the administration is committed to increasing student activity funding but that the increases must keep pace with hikes in the general fee. "There are limitations in terms of fee increases," Morrisson said. "There is no other money to reallocate." According to Assistant Student Life Director Albert Moore, SAC's working budget last year was $543,000. He said this academic year's budget is $548,000. Moss said she is drafting a proposal critizing the administration's funding policies which she will present to the entire SAC body in October. The SAC chairperson added that if SAC members back her proposal, SAC will implement extensive lobbying efforts to receive more money from the administration. SAC Vice Chairperson Greg Shufro, a College senior, said the administration failed to provide sufficient funds for extracurricular activities and does not listen to student requests for more money. "It seems to me, at least in my experience and many student's experiences, students activities on campus are an extremely valuable part of the college education and it seems narrow-minded of the administration to neglect such a vital part of our education," he said. "It is frustrating to find ourselves without a true voice within the administration to increase funding when we know how much worthwhile student activities are proposed to SAC."

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