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11/29/17 8:38pm
The event was one of 60 held at universities across the country on Nov. 29 in anticipation of the looming GOP tax plan vote in the Senate later this week.
11/19/17 3:19pm
GET-UP member and education PhD student Miranda Weinberg said the group has been waiting three times as long as it usually takes to have their petition processed.  
11/08/17 11:56pm
Various graduate student leaders were completely unaware of the new regulations, despite some communication between the University and the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly about them.
11/05/17 10:53pm
Free speech among faculty has roared back into the news this semester with the controversies surrounding Penn Law professor Amy Wax and History TA Stephanie McKellop. 
10/24/17 6:11pm
In March, Penn President Amy Gutmann appointed a chief diversity officer, but graduate students say a fully staffed physical office is still necessary to support diversity efforts. 
10/23/17 3:48pm
Quakers for Life, a student group opposed to abortion, protested outside Van Pelt Library on Monday using nearly twenty graphic pictures of aborted fetuses. 
10/18/17 6:19pm
Graduate students are working with administrators and faculty to devise resources that can help the unique experiences of first-generation graduate students. 
10/12/17 1:13am
In her first public talk since defending "bourgeois values" in a controversial op-ed, Amy Wax dismissed slavery as an issue that would not be "worthy of discussion."  
10/11/17 5:49pm
“The expectation is that undergrads generally do not stay around in the summertime,” Faculty Director of College Houses and Academic Services Dennis DeTurck said. 
10/08/17 6:50pm
In a survey taken in 2015, 42.4 percent of female Penn graduate students who responded said they have been victims of sexual harassment.
09/29/17 1:34pm
Persian literature professor Fatemeh Shams has been separated seemingly indefinitely from her Iranian parents, both of whom are poor in health. 
09/26/17 8:40pm
“I think the ask is pretty simple – for the University to make a legal fund and also to tell the students publicly that we stand behind you." 
09/25/17 7:54pm
"The Locus Initiative" offers students networking opportunities to encourage them to pledge a percentage of their time and salary to charities. 
09/24/17 6:15pm
A series of strong earthquakes has killed over 300 people in Central Mexico, while a hurricane in Puerto Rico has left millions without power or cell service, potentially for months. 
09/18/17 10:08pm
The Wistar Institute is the independent biomedical research institute located across the Quad. 
09/18/17 1:00pm
Some Penn professors said they aren't concerned because many graduate programs at Penn have a strong reputation. 
08/31/17 11:00am
“She is a brilliant human being. I am honored to know her. When I think about someone who has truly changed my life, I think of her.”
08/23/17 9:23am
The program has various interesting events but struggles to get more graduate students involved. 
05/27/17 11:41pm
Rising College and Wharton senior Dylan Adelman will present his idea at the 2017 Sohn Conference along with other top investors such as hedge fund manager David Einhorn.
04/26/17 10:55pm
Sandberg, who is the chief operating officer of Facebook spoke with Grant on Wednesday evening about their new book, "Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy" at a talk hosted by the Authors@Wharton speaker series.
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