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08/03/18 5:16pm
 Reports that the homicide was a hate crime have been circulating since the spring, but this is the first time that formal charges are being raised. 
07/29/18 10:28pm
Krull received a bachelor's degree in Applied Exercise Science from Springfield College before earning a master's degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Merrimack College.
07/22/18 11:07pm
In an email sent to members of the Psychology department, the department chair Sharon Thompson-Schill said Kurzban denied the allegations but decided to leave for the 'best interests' of the University. 
07/18/18 10:43pm
The Center, currently located at 3720 Chestnut St., will be moving to the basement of St. Agatha-St. James Parish at 3728 Chestnut St. this August. 
06/29/18 5:07pm
Among the findings announced by the University on Thursday was that 75 of Penn's former trustees were slave owners, including Penn’s first Provost, William Smith.
06/22/18 3:44pm
A practicing social worker in New Jersey, Patrick graduated with his cohort in 2016 but had since been on leave while he was finishing his dissertation. 
06/08/18 9:48pm
The evacuation occurs a few weeks after the State Department disclosed on May 23 that a U.S. government employee stationed in Guangzhou reported experiencing "vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure," NPR reported.
06/05/18 11:22pm
Last Thursday, a flyer criticizing the limited availability of restrooms for women, trans, and nonbinary individuals in DRL was spotted on the 2C10 men's restroom.
06/04/18 9:26pm
The new signs were put up just four days after a note was posted on the 2C10 men's restroom criticizing the limited availability of restrooms for women, trans and nonbinary individuals.
06/03/18 10:09pm
Pedrotty, who was from Cockeysville, Maryland, majored in Biology with a minor in Anthropology at Penn, before becoming a PhD student studying molecular cancer biology at Duke University.
06/03/18 9:57pm
“There is only one working STALL accessible to women on this floor (not just 1 restroom, but only 1 stall),” the flyer said. “There are no gender-neutral bathrooms at all, but there are three separate men’s RESTROOMS — that’s ridiculous.” 
05/28/18 10:40pm
Thirty institutions are now part of the Sponsored Academic Research Agreement, including Harvard University, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Cornell University.
05/14/18 8:40pm
During the Commencement speech, NBC News’ Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent and 1967 Penn Graduate Andrea Mitchell detailed her experience facing gender inequity as a female journalist.
05/02/18 5:02pm
Psychology professor Robert Kurzban resigned on April 25 — the same day that a DP article was published detailing allegations that he had a romantic relationship with an undergraduate student he was overseeing.  
04/24/18 1:08pm
The Chief Wellness Officer will oversee a new department called 'Student Wellness Services' that will include Counseling and Psychological Services, the Student Health Service, and the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives.
04/11/18 9:36pm
Robert Kurzban was the undergraduate chair of the Psychology Department when he allegedly began a sexual relationship with his student. His senior position may now be in jeopardy.
04/11/18 9:00am
Kong's parents allege in their complaint that Penn neglected to prevent Kong from dying of suicide and does not have the proper mental health resources to support similar students.
04/08/18 1:47pm
The National Association of Scholars, often characterized as a conservative advocacy group combatting a "liberal bias" in education, will present the Peter Shaw Award to Wax on April 12.
04/03/18 1:30am
In opening statements, Krone and Wyant elaborated on their involvement with the UA while Klopf emphasized how he will bring a 'fresh take' to the UA due to his lack of prior involvement. 
03/24/18 5:57pm
Across the world, there were 800 marches planned for this one day. Along with two high school students, Penn College senior Jana Korn organized Philadelphia's march. 
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