02/13/17 10:48pm
The panelists also discussed the differences between the political climates in Nazi Germany and the United States today. Weissberg spoke about how thousands of Americans have protested Trump's immigration ban in ways the citizens of Germany did not protest Nazi policies.
02/13/17 9:47pm
“In the fall, [our strategy] was campaigning for the candidates that we really cared about. This semester, it means speakers, education events, advocacy and fundraising,” Pomerantz said.
02/13/17 9:38pm
Michael Krone, College sophomore and communications director of the UA, said that more transparency is needed in the process so that students understand how the speaker is chosen.
02/13/17 1:18pm
Filed in conjunction with 16 other colleges and universities, the legal document argues that Trump's executive travel ban threatens the schools' "ability to welcome international students, faculty, and scholars into their communities."
02/08/17 10:02pm
College and Wharton freshman Michael Moroz, the organization’s representative to the University Council, presented a different opinion towards the executive order at the UCouncil meeting on Feb. 1.
02/08/17 9:41pm
In the clinics, attorneys and students will address the concerns of members of the Penn community regarding immigration and travel.
02/08/17 2:14pm
Several students in the Wharton MBA program organized the march after hearing the struggles of colleagues and faculty members, one who is unable to visit his wife in Canada out of fear he won't be let back into the country.
02/08/17 2:04pm
In a voice vote, the Arkansas House Education Committee rejected a proposal that would have prevented state universities from instituting “sanctuary” polices, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.
02/07/17 10:39pm
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was thrust into the political spotlight when she assumed the mayorship of Baltimore at only 39 years old, following the conviction of Mayor Sheila Dixon for embezzlement in 2009.
02/07/17 7:16pm
“A lot of people are too scared to leave for summer,” College and Wharton sophomore Zuhaib Badami said. “I think the safe choice is to stay in the country at least until the 90-day period is over, or at least until we’ve seen people come in and out without an issue.”
02/07/17 10:00am
The former Vice President will lead the Washington-based Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.
02/06/17 9:55pm
The FBI recently interviewed and obtained search warrants for three Tulsa-area high school graduates in connection with the racist GroupMe messages sent to several Penn freshmen in November following the presidential election.
02/06/17 9:35pm
Natives at Penn, a student organization that represents Native American students on Penn’s campus, takes a firm position against the construction of the DAPL.
02/06/17 9:15pm
“Most people, when they look at their Facebook news feeds, tend to be friends with like-minded people of similar backgrounds,” Alexander said. “When it comes to the articles that people choose to share, a lot of times they can be of a very similar mindset, and thus is the emergence of the echo chamber.”
02/06/17 8:09pm
College junior and PFRJ co-founder Esther Cohen said PFRJ distinguishes itself from being labeled as pro-choice, instead opting for the label of reproductive rights advocates, in order to remain “inclusive and lead to more activism.”
02/06/17 6:25pm
“The book started as a reaction to the election of Trump, and the effects it had on me as a transgirl, the LGBT community, and so many of us who were terrified of what the regime could bring to this country after so much progress had been made as far as our visibility and rights,” McCool said.
02/06/17 6:18pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann, along with Princeton University President Christopher Eisgruber, helped draft a letter to President Donald Trump criticizing his executive order on immigration.
02/05/17 11:27pm
The wealthiest colleges in America may soon need to give a quarter of the donations they receive to middle-class financial aid or risk their charitable status. 
02/05/17 10:03pm
Jon Ehrens, a local WHYY radio host and producer of “Radio Times,” moderated the event and fielded questions from the audience.
02/05/17 9:49pm
Greenberg had worked in Miami-Dade County for 33 years, first as first assistant county attorney before earning the title county attorney.