Guest Columns

08/30/14 5:07pm

Guest column by Jennie Shulkin | Considering mandatory national service

One does has to wonder how Americans can feel so fiercely entitled to their civil liberties for their entire lives, but are unwilling to give even 1 year of service to maintain such freedoms and repay debts to such a magnificent nation.
08/27/14 5:26pm

Guest column by Oyinkan Muraina | Advancing activism

Worse still, these social media campaigns often fail in their most basic duty: to educate the masses. Little else can be expected when complicated crises are boiled down to 140 characters for easy digestion.
08/26/14 5:20pm
This summer, we created and I announced the President’s Engagement Prizes. These are annual, competitively-awarded prizes for Penn seniors to design and undertake fully-funded local, national or global engagement projects during the first year after they graduate from Penn. Prize recipients will receive $50,000 for one year of living expenses after graduation and up to $100,000 in project expenses.
03/03/14 6:31pm

Guest Column by Braden Amundsen, Imran Cronk, William Dossett, Robert Lundquist, and Jordan Rodnizki | A call to the Class of 2016

As a student body and administration, we are letting other things hold our attention, topics of lesser importance. We’re silencing this issue, letting the very real threat of sexual violence on this campus slip back under the radar.
02/17/14 5:46pm

Guest column by Kelly Diamond and Madison Hunt | Internet-shaming at Penn

We are two members of the Class of 2013. As proud Penn alums, we have been distant witnesses to recent events at our beloved University that have made us uneasy.
02/17/14 5:43pm

Guest column by Denzel Cummings, Abrina Hyatt, Abel McDaniels, Diana Cabrera, Katherine Mateo and Dawn Androphy | More than a theme, not just a costume

As six concerned members of the Penn community who strive to foster multicultural dialogue, we find the general trend of parties that serve to culturally objectify and vilify certain groups on campus deeply concerning.