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Ravi Jain | Emoji and the Evolution of Language

Emoji have recently appeared in the media due to their purported lack of diversity. A recent “Saturday Night Live” segment drew attention to the controversy when comedian Sasheer Zamata joked that she had to use the emoji for a new moon as none of the faces resembled her.

Dani Blum | Caught in the craze

As much as I remind myself that this summer won’t define my career, it’s hard to escape the group mentality that permeates out of Huntsman — which was why I was so impressed when my roommate came home one day and announced she wasn’t looking for internships.

Alec Ward | Call the cops

Penn should use this failure as grounds upon which to seek an injunction against the enforcement of these regulations, which mandate a system which is both deeply flawed in theory and in practice has an abominably bad record at delivering justice for students.

Jason Tangson | Exhortation for exploration

Instead of intuition, our choices are tempered and tampered by our fear of not succeeding. These metrics of success rarely arise from our own organic origins, and instead come from being enveloped in Penn’s homogenous zones, which are aroused only by the touch of traditional success.

Dani Blum | Inviting Quaker pride

The University should work on promoting its Early Decision policies to lower-income communities. Penn should work with organizations like QuestBridge, which works with high-achieving, low-income students, and others that help underserved groups through the college admissions process.

Toe the Line: College Republicans | Keystone XL

Oil will be an integral part of the United States economy for decades to come.  In 2013, US oil consumption increased by 400,000 barrels per day and the trend in 2014 followed suit.

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