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Jason Tangson | God save the queen

As a symbol of the university, the president should make some effort to personally connect with the students, and not just in queueing photoshoots at holiday soirees.

JOKE ISSUE | Interview with a Rabbit

The Daily Pennsylvanian: We have a very special guest interview today. Could you please state your name for the readers?

Hermann the Mum Star Rabbit: My name is HERMANN THE MUM STAR RABBIT!

DP: Thank you Hermann.

The Vision | No one is safe

One of the ideas most integral to America’s conception of itself is the idea of meritocracy. It’s a seductive one, aligning well with what we’d like to believe about our nation and ourselves.

Dani Blum | Embracing the Penn bubble

We’ve all heard the urges to get into Center City more, to escape Penn’s boundaries and take advantage of the tourist destination at our fingertips. I love Philadelphia and have made some of my fondest memories this year exploring downtown, but I’m so attached to the environment we create on campus.

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