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Vaios Triantafyllou | Pray for Paris, pray for the world

On Friday, Nov. 13 the world witnessed in disgrace the bombings and shootings in Paris for which the Islamic State claimed responsibility.

Realizing that to write about this event can promote it, and hence accomplish its purpose of spreading terror, I am morally obligated to dedicate this week’s column to the memory of those who have fallen in the name of democracy and freedom.

Ravi Jain | Defining diversity

For a Penn student, exposure to the idea of diversity starts early.

It first shows up in the admissions catalogue: beautiful high-resolution photos of a “diverse” group of friends laughing on the Green; essay questions that ask what diversity of perspective a student will bring to campus; selecting one’s race on the Common Application.

Vaios Triantafyllou | Aristotle shaking his head

The United States, similar to other large Western economies, is driven by the financial sector. What is especially peculiar about this sector is that, for the most part, it transforms money into more money without the production of any goods during the process.

There are procedures, however, such as venture capital investments, through which the financial sector enhances production of goods and services.

Alec Ward | Parody shift

A few weeks ago, I watched a film called “Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead,” which chronicled the rise and fall of National Lampoon, a controversial humor magazine which was immensely popular in the 1970s through ‘90s.

Emily Hoeven | Going global

As our world becomes increasingly global, there is more pressure upon us to do the same. But this doesn’t necessarily mean we have to spend big bucks or travel extensively to become more global.

Ravi Jain | "Brown" at Penn

Cliques exist all over Penn. It’s college, after all. But what makes group politics particularly difficult in ethnic minority communities is that minority students often rely on this group as a support system and as a place to feel welcomed, as Jessica mentioned.

Vaios Triantafyllou | Freedom has no borders

In early March of this year, I was returning to the United States from a seven-day “People to People” trip to Cuba when I was “randomly” searched at Miami International Airport.

After waiting in line for almost half an hour, I faced an officer of the Department of Homeland Security for a series of customary questions regarding products I was bringing back to the U.S.

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