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4 hours ago
For the last month, whenever someone has asked me, “What are you up to?” I’ve always given them the same reply: “I’m studying for the MCAT.” God only knows how many conversations I’ve defaulted to that lazy small talk. Sitting for the MCAT is a notable event that many students study several months for.
4 hours ago
Year after year stories reach the news about sexual assault on college campuses across the US. Yet my response remains different than the narratives I see presented by the media.
01/23/17 12:32am
GROUP THINK is The DP’s round table section, where we throw a question at the columnists and see what answers stick.
01/22/17 9:55pm
Few focal points of the Republican presidential cycle stood out with as much singularity and clarity as the promise to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, a rallying cry for many of the Trump electorate, regardless of class, race, gender.
01/18/17 9:43pm
Tomorrow, at around noon, Donald Trump will become the President of the United States. The bombastic billionaire, whose improbable promotion to power shattered every political norm from fundraising to gaffe-making, will assume the most important political office on earth.
01/18/17 9:41pm
I once wrote an article in which I refused to give up red lipstick despite surrendering eye makeup, and, with all the misogyny to which Trump's election has set us back, I think it's about time I explained why. What got me started thinking about it was a statement my friend made to me.
01/17/17 11:29pm
Our country faces a crisis that begins with the letter “D.” No, it is not our President-elect Donald Trump.
01/17/17 11:29pm
Have you ever bitten into a piece of pizza in a Dining Hall that you knew was too hot and burned your tongue?