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Shawn Kelley | Arresto momentum Hermione

While I appreciate Watson’s candor, and don’t wish to take away from her experiences, I scarcely feel that a rich, Caucasian actress from a wealthy, developed nation such as Britain is the best spokesperson for women’s issues on equality. Yes, Emma Watson brings celebrity and media attention, but by making women like her, Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie the spokespeople for these causes, we heedlessly claim that the only voices worth listening to belong to privileged white women.

Jeremiah Keenan | Sparing more than change

Like most Penn students, I have political and social ideas about what should be done to help “the underclass.”

But there’s a guy who sits on the corner of 38th and Chestnut in a wheelchair that I’ve walked past many times. He’s the poverty I’d like to solve. But not once — even just with a passing smile — have I acknowledged his humanity.

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