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Alec Ward | The best policy

I’m not a lawyer, a doctor or a trauma expert, but in researching my last two columns, I think I’ve encountered most of the issues and concerns which arise around sexual assault on campus. Accordingly I’d like to propose, based on what I’ve learned, what a sane, fair and compassionate sexual assault response policy might look like.

The Vision | Mental health in black communities

This year’s Black Solidarity Conference upheld a specific mantra: “The Ties that Bind: Unique in Our Blackness, One in Our Struggle.” For three days and three nights, students from colleges across the country joined together to uplift each other.

Ravi Jain | Emoji and the Evolution of Language

Emoji have recently appeared in the media due to their purported lack of diversity. A recent “Saturday Night Live” segment drew attention to the controversy when comedian Sasheer Zamata joked that she had to use the emoji for a new moon as none of the faces resembled her.

Dani Blum | Caught in the craze

As much as I remind myself that this summer won’t define my career, it’s hard to escape the group mentality that permeates out of Huntsman — which was why I was so impressed when my roommate came home one day and announced she wasn’t looking for internships.

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