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Farewell Column by Mike Wisniewski | They're kicking me out

I joke with my mom the fact that I was born a month late reflects my personality. When I get comfortable somewhere, I don’t want to leave. I said the same thing about high school that I’m saying now about college: they’re kicking me out the door — I’m not going voluntarily.

Q&A: The grind of going the distance

The Daily Pennsylvanian has run a series of pieces on marathon runners and long-distance running, and in preparation for the Penn Relays this weekend, has spoken to John Vasudevan, assistant professor of clinical physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Perelman School of Medicine.

Cause of student death in 2011 remains unknown

Lee, a Nursing and Wharton dual degree student who would have graduated from Penn last spring, collapsed after crossing the finish line of the Philadelphia Half Marathon on Nov. 20, 2011 and died shortly after being taken to Hahnemann University Hospital.

To safety and to family at the Boston Marathon

Maybe it was a generator explosion, Erica Denhoff thought. She asked the policeman if it was safe to continue. He said yes. They would tell her if it stopped being safe. But a few miles later, there were more Boston police officers and more frantic people trying to reach their loved ones on the phone lines that would be down for hours.

Penn runner training for race of a lifetime

Aadu, an Engineering junior with an ideal 6-foot-2, 155-pound runner’s frame, wants to experience the hurt of each half-mile. He wants to struggle through it, to feel as if he won’t make it and finally push through.

Skin, breasts 'n wings at WIP's Wing Bowl 21

Twenty thousand Philadelphians enjoyed strippers and wings at 6 a.m. Friday morning at the sold out Wells Fargo Center for the City of Brotherly Love’s annual answer to the Eagles never being in the Super Bowl.

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