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Brian Goldman | Mingling with Millennials

Young people are often lamented for their lack of organization and mobilization around youth causes. But I’m not sure if this will ever shift, because young people hold such varied political viewpoints.

Brian Goldman | Can I see your photo ID?

Everyone knows that if you want to get into Smokey Joe’s on a Friday night, you’ll need to show an ID. Last week, Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett signed a bill that would extend this same principle to the ballot box.

Brian Goldman | No child left behind

Tutoring, baby sitting, the University’s Big Brothers Big Sisters program all subscribe to the idea that children’s lives can be enhanced through interactions with young adults or college students.

Brian Goldman | Preventing an unfree press

Newspapers are not going anywhere anytime soon. What I fear, however, is that the information within those papers, here in Philadelphia, will no longer tell the entire truth or even pretend to. Our view of the world will be narrowed, impaired and propagandized.

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