Recent events have spurred a tremendous amount of discussion surrounding mental health. Countless words have been written and countless more words will be written about the state of mental health services at Penn and the stigma surrounding these issues not just on campus but also across the country. Many more will address the difficulty of confronting illnesses that we often would like to think ourselves stronger than by sheer force of willpower.

Today, we, The Daily Pennsylvanian, wanted to devote some of those words to those of us who have fought mental illness and those who may still be fighting it. We want to urge any of you who need help to seek it, whether in the form of CAPS, an outside therapist, or a trusted friend or parent. Finally, we — along with many of the people who have shared their stories today — want you to know that this is a battle that doesn’t have to be fought alone.

Letter to the Editor, The gifts we give ourselves by Rabbi Joshua Bolton

Overcoming anxiety by Erica Ligenza

A communal fight by Hillary Barlowe

Reaching for help by Alexandra McCabe

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