College senior Jacqueline Baron discusses her vision for the upcoming semester. Among other things, Baron is looking to transform the MGC into a more cohesive, unified body.

Credit: Justin Cohen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

College senior Jacqueline Baron, who was elected president of Penn’s Multicultural Greek Council near the end of last school year, has big plans for the MGC moving forward.

Baron sat down with The Daily Pennsylvanian the other day to discuss her vision for the organization.

Daily Pennsylvanian: Why did you decide to run for MGC president?

Jacqueline Baron: I’ve been a part of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority since spring 2011 and I was on the [MGC] board last year as the social chair, so I saw how the board operated. I had a good experience and I want to bring that experience to the table and keep MGC running smoothly.

DP: What is your favorite part of MGC?

JB: I like collaborating — getting all of the MGC organizations under one umbrella together. I like getting the chance to meet other people and bond outside of just business.

DP: What are your goals as president?

JB: One thing I want to do is collaborate more with the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council because we do operate like them. I think some people don’t know what MGC is, so I want to get our brand out there as well, so people are more familiar with us.

DP: Is there any part of the MGC that you would like to change or reform?

JB: I just want everyone to be on board. I know sometimes people pull back and want to function as their own chapter, but I want to be more united and have everybody on the same page.

DP: What measures are you taking as a board to bring about these changes?

JB: We’re going to have a lot of presidents meetings where we’re going to be sure to have an individual from each chapter present. We also want to have a couple of general body meetings as well, just so we can see participation from every organization.

DP: In what ways is MGC different from the IFC and Panhel?

JB: One of the biggest things is that we don’t have chapter houses, so I think people may not know what organizations are part of the MGC because they don’t get to walk past our houses every day. Also, I guess how our organizations are structured is different, but I think, at the end of the day, everyone has the same common goal of wanting to give back to the community.

DP: Do you think MGC is overshadowed by IFC and Panhel?

JB: I think so. One of the main differences is that we don’t have a big rush. Some chapters do, but most of the fraternities and sororities under MGC don’t have a whole rush week. We’re not necessarily presenting something like, “Hey, come to our house and eat cheesesteaks.” Rather we have specific events we want people to come out to, so I think we tend to get overshadowed in that way.

DP: What advice do you have for people who are thinking of joining MGC?

JB: I would say the main thing is definitely come out to our events. The organizations under MGC put on a lot of programming and I would say to come out and stay after to talk to the members of the sororities and fraternities.

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