Contactless PennCards to make entry easier

The University is moving away from its 30 year-old magnetic strip PennCard to a new, contactless technology that will open up more possibilities for PennCard use.
07/24/14 10:51am

Division of Public Safety cracks down on theft after spike in crimes against property

Retail thieves beware - the Division of Public Safety is on your case.A trend in frequent retail thefts has developed in the Penn Patrol zone from 30th to 43rd streets and Market Street to Baltimore Avenue with 17 retail thefts last month, eight this month and 13 back in March.
07/24/14 10:51am

Penn to pilot app that will change the way your phone organizes its contacts

While phone contacts are normally organized alphabetically by name, Humin distinguishes contacts using contextual information and information from social networking sites such as Facebook.
07/24/14 10:53am