Transfer students discuss how Fling measures up to similar events at George Mason, Duke and the U. of Maryland

Called Art Attack, the event at the University of Maryland will feature Grammy-award winning rapper 2 Chainz this year. “The concert is a big deal because they usually get really good people,” College junior Ryan Berlin said. “Better people than Penn gets for Fling."

11 hours ago
Newly updated, PennMobile now lets you track your laundry, check dining hours and book GSRs

“It’s a fresh start,” Penn Labs co-director and Wharton sophomore Tiffany Chang said. “I think there [was] a lot of stigma around the app previously.”

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Spring Fling 2017: Tinashe and Zedd Spring Fling 2017: Tinashe and Zedd
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Amidst Friday's evening showers, Tinashe and Zedd took the stage at Penn Park for this year's fling concert. They performed hits such as Company and Closer to a crowd of drenched attendees, keeping the student body animated throughout the inclement weather.Photos by Julio Sosa