Class of 2021's yield rate falls short of 2020's record-high numbers

Penn's overall yield rate is lower than Harvard University's 84 percent and Yale University's 71.4 percent, but higher than Princeton University’s 66.6 percent and Dartmouth College's 61 percent. 

08/22/17 7:36pm
CAPS provides referral services over the summer. So why don't students know about them?

Hundreds of students rely on CAPS during the semester. Many aren't sure what to do when summer rolls around. 

08/21/17 10:37pm
The Class of 2017 Graduates The Class of 2017 Graduates
05/15/17 10:50pm

On May 15, 2017, seniors, faculty, administrators, family, and friends gathered in Franklin Field to celebrate the graduation of Penn's class of 2017. This was Penn's 261st Commencement. // Carson Kahoe | Senior Photographer