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04/27/11 10:12pm

Pupil dilation may link to depression

Pupillometry could provide clinicians with clues as to how to treat patients with depression.
04/26/11 4:42am

Rabbi Joel leaves post at Hillel

Senior Jewish Educator Rabbi Joel Nickerson will be leaving his post at Hillel to become the assistant rabbi at Temple Isaiah, a Reform synagogue in Los Angeles.
04/25/11 4:55am
While treatment of five-year-old camel Kahn at Zeta Psi's annual Spring Fling petting zoo sparked controversy, an investigation cleared the fraternity of any wrongdoing.
04/22/11 12:24am

Online journal opens doors for young writers

Organized and operated by students through the Kelly Writers House, a new online journal called The Blacktop is creating fresh possibilities for young writers all over Philadelphia.
04/19/11 12:58am

Between Fling and finals, students observe Passover

This year, Passover's timing presents obstacles for students meeting academic deadlines. Many will miss classes, travel home and for a period forgo writing and using electronics.
04/12/11 4:37am

Openly gay reverend finds voice at Penn

Rev. James St. George — a former Chestnut Hill College adjunct professor who was dismissed last month for being openly gay — has found acceptance at Penn.
04/07/11 12:42am

Israel Week reaches out to wider Penn community

From falafel, to electric cars, to gay rights: events and festivities associated with Israel Week run the gamut.
03/31/11 3:18am

Philadelphia sees population jump

For the first time in many years, Philadelphia has seen a population increase, according to recently released statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau.
03/25/11 3:22am

Penn takes on President’s challenge

As the White House launches a program to lend support to interfaith service initiatives on college campuses, the religious community at Penn is experimenting with its own interfaith program.
03/24/11 4:55am

‘.xxx’ domain approved for porn sites

The board of directors for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers recently approved the use of “.xxx” domain names for adult entertainment websites.
03/18/11 4:22am

Religious fasts present spiritual significance for students

The Baha’i fasting period — which calls for the devout to reflect on their spirituality and abstain from food and drink between sunrise and sunset — lasts for 19 days leading up to March 21.
03/15/11 3:16am

Penn Muslim community reacts to King hearings

Emotional responses to United States House Representative Peter King’s (R-N.Y.) hearings on homegrown radicalization among American Muslims have pervaded news media, but members of the Penn Muslim community appear more introspective than voluble.
03/14/11 12:38am

Students practice self-denial in honor of Lent

The period of Lent, during which many Christians abstain from something they consider a vice or source of enjoyment, began March 9 over spring break.
03/01/11 3:52am

PRISM adds three new groups to constituency

The Penn Baha’i Association, Penn Students for Christ and Penn for Jesus have joined in PRISM's effort to diversify.
02/24/11 1:59am
LPS student Adrianna de Svastich was selected by 'Black Swan' producers to play one of the film's company dancers. College sophomore Lillian Di Piazza was also chosen as an extra.
02/21/11 3:53am

iPhone app prepares Catholics for confession

“Confession: A Roman Catholic App” is meant to be used as a preparatory tool for Confession, a practice through which devout Catholics seek to be absolved from sins.
02/17/11 1:11am

New study quantifies value of Phila. religious institutions

A study by Associate Dean for Research at the School of Social Policy and Practice Ram Cnaan sought to measure the economic value — or “halo effect” — of 12 religious congregations in Philadelphia.
02/16/11 4:31am

Black men still underrepresented as teachers

A new initiative set in motion by the United States Department of Education is seeking to incentivize more males of color to become teachers.
02/08/11 2:55am

Nutter launches volunteer challenge

On Jan. 22, Mayor and Penn alumnus Michael Nutter launched the 2011 Volunteer Impact Challenge at the Philadelphia Free Library. The challenge, announced by the accompanying website, was set in motion to spearhead the administration’s top 10 volunteer priorities for 2011.
02/04/11 1:42am

At peer schools, religious groups find funding

While the Faith Fund will provide Penn's religious groups with funding, peer institutions have other ways to financially support religious life.
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