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04/19/23 9:09pm
Columnist Taja Mazaj argues that fraud is at the center of the modern corporatized university, and Penn's 4% increase in tuition is indicative of this.
11/28/22 1:16am
Columnist Taja Mazaj argues the moral panic of political correctness taking over the nation's universities is overblown and misrepresented. 
09/19/22 10:54am
Columnists Vinay Khosla and Taja Mazaj argue Penn’s conception of civic engagement is intentionally disingenuous, and students must respond in kind with disruptive activism.   
11/14/21 11:28pm
Columnist Taja Mazaj urges Penn to think about moving away from grades towards an educational system which prioritizes creativity.
11/08/21 4:59pm
Columnist Taja Mazaj writes about the history of Greek Life and misconduct on campus.
09/26/21 6:58pm
Columnist Taja Mazaj argues that Penn is ignoring the tools it already has to avoid a campus outbreak of COVID-19.
04/19/21 10:54pm
Columnist Taja Mazaj argues that Penn needs to be more assertive in combating climate change, saying that "milquetoast compromises won’t cut it" when the planet is at stake.
04/12/21 4:10pm
Columnist Taja Mazaj urges the university to be more fiscally transparent, especially when it comes to using students' tuition and fee dollars.
03/20/21 10:46am
Columnist Taja Mazaj reflects on her first semester and a half at Penn.
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