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03/21/16 11:16pm
Laptops can be distracting, and increasingly, many professors have begun to introduce laptop policies that determine when laptops can be used or whether they can be used at all.
03/03/16 12:39am
The recent establishment of the Price Lab has contributed substantially to the progress made in the field of digital humanities.
03/03/16 12:38am
Associate Dean of the College and Director of Academic Affairs Kent Peterman said that this decision was made in a vote by the faculty in discussions regarding the College curriculum.
03/02/16 1:08am
Penn just released its register of hundreds of courses it will offer in the fall — but less advertised is the opportunity students have to take classes somewhere else.
02/16/16 12:56am
It might now be quicker for you to find a tutor than to look up your question on Google.
02/15/16 12:31am
Students have been asking for a nutrition science major for years, but the subject area has nonetheless been limited to a minor — until now.
02/07/16 6:00am
This semester, Penn ramped up its efforts to recruit high-achieving students with a more personal form of outreach.
02/03/16 12:39am
Germany is the world's top country, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, according to a new rankings project involving Wharton.
02/02/16 1:27am
This semester the College of Arts and Sciences offered only five courses that fulfilled the Living World sector, four of which were closed a week before the add deadline.
01/29/16 6:00am
The fall activities fair was a huge and festive celebration, with hundreds of organizations lining Locust. But where was the spring activities fair?
01/28/16 2:06am
More than 80 percent of titles are available for rent.
01/19/16 1:18am
For some, spring semester is a hurricane of nerve-wracking interviews and sweaty handshakes. For others, it is the calm waters of relaxation that follow the acceptance of an internship.
01/17/16 6:00am
Dropping a class? Here are a few you might want to pick up.
12/09/15 1:30am
The program is not only a philanthropic endeavor that provides treatment for animals that otherwise may have to face amputation or euthanasia, but is also a learning opportunity for residents, interns, and students.
11/15/15 10:14pm
The annual APAHW, which focuses on raising awareness about Asians with American heritage and celebrating the historical achievements of Asian Pacific Americans, took place between Nov. 9 and Nov. 14.
11/11/15 8:45pm
WeissLabs will be the first 24/7 physical space on campus for students to work on their startup ideas.
10/19/15 11:40pm
Researchers looked at about 1.4 million posts and tweets, which dated as far back as 2009, and were comprised of almost 12 million words in total.
09/28/15 9:35pm
The fourth annual Y Prize — a competition in which students examine the intersection of engineering and business, find applications for cutting edge technologies and step into the shoes of budding entrepreneurs — held its kick-off event on Monday.
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