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04/28/23 12:02am
In Pennsylvania, the final day to register to vote for this election is May 1, and the last day to apply for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballot is May 9.
04/27/23 10:39pm
In January 2022, Oh spearheaded a bipartisan letter signed by 16 out of 17 City Council members asking Penn administrators to review the role of Amy Wax.
04/27/23 10:38pm
Bloom says on his website that he supports youth engagement through volunteer work intended to teach local high school students about public service and civic engagement.
04/27/23 10:37pm
Brown has supported legislation for increased mandatory minimum sentencing requirements, according to The Philadelphia Citizen.
04/27/23 10:35pm
In a previous interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian, Brown said that he decided to enter politics after learning about food deserts.
03/28/23 1:07am
Listen to the top headlines on Tuesday, Mar. 28 with our newsletter anchor.
03/27/23 11:14pm
This year’s events covered a range of topics including decarbonization, extreme heat, sustainable energy, and climate justice. 
03/13/23 11:25pm
Penn Reproductive Justice officially launched on June 24, 2022, immediately following the Supreme Court’s overhaul of abortion rights protections.
03/02/23 2:40am
The DP spoke with University administrators and student activists to better understand Penn’s open expression guidelines and the role of the University's Committee on Open Expression in evaluating students' rights to protest on campus.
01/22/23 9:51pm
Two of the current mayoral candidates have also graduated from the University.
01/17/23 9:37pm
The Justice Department is also currently reviewing classified documents that were previously found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.
01/10/23 9:08pm
Students have been suspended from Penn Band until January 2024 and have been barred from traveling with the band or holding leadership positions in the group at any point.
12/11/22 2:00pm
Penn saw an increased visibility of student concerns about climate justice, protests surrounding Penn’s impact on the environment, and a new administration’s response to students' climate demands.
12/02/22 12:40am
After an on-campus rally, students attended the University Council’s Open Forum, where they addressed the Penn's sustainability policies and the administration’s response to student protestors.
11/29/22 11:36pm
The group is aims to facilitate voter registration and education, particularly for students registered to vote in Georgia ahead of the state's upcoming runoff election on Dec. 6.
11/09/22 12:18am
1,422 ballots were cast at the Houston Hall polling location, 604 ballots were cast at the ARCH building, and 213 ballots were cast at the Civic House.  
11/02/22 11:01pm
Other students said that they decided against joining the protest in fear of similar extracurricular suspensions.
10/25/22 10:31pm
Political disillusionment and language barriers are among some obstacles that student leaders of cultural groups on campus cited as barriers to civic engagement ahead of next month's midterm elections.
10/02/22 11:00pm
The international scholars attended a conference at Perry World House on Sept. 30 and stopped by Fossil Free Penn's demonstration on the sixteenth day of encampment.
09/23/22 12:45am
About 80 students, faculty, and community members attended the event, which was cohosted by Penn's Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies and the Robert A. Fox Leadership Program.
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