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01/25/24 12:08am
At least three members of Philadelphia Mayor and 2016 Fels Institute of Government graduate Cherelle Parker’s administration have relationships with the University’s graduate programs. 
12/08/23 12:01am
“President Magill, the time for apologies is over," a petition with over 18,000 signatures read. "It is time for you to step down."
11/08/23 1:08am
Parker, a former Philadelphia city councilmember and Pennsylvania state representative, faced Republican candidate David Oh and emerged as the winner with 74% of the vote.
11/02/23 1:54am
Penn is arguing that graduate students are "not employees" in response to their recent decision to unionize.
10/26/23 1:51am
Rally-goers showed solidarity with people in Gaza amid continuing airstrikes and a mounting death toll in the region, and they called for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.
10/15/23 9:58pm
The Office of the Provost forwarded a webpage to graduate students via email on Wednesday detailing the potential implications of unionization for student workers at Penn.
10/04/23 3:32pm
The letter, addressed to President Liz Magill and Provost John Jackson, said that GET-UP intends to file a petition with the NLRB if the University does not voluntarily recognize the union by Oct. 6.
09/18/23 10:45pm
The week’s schedule features panel discussions, research presentations, and film screenings on topics related to public health, social policy, and biodiversity, among others.
09/06/23 9:49pm
The letter was addressed to President Liz Magill, Provost John L. Jackson, Jr., and College Houses and Academic Services Senior Director for Housing Operations Lulu Kaliher.
04/28/23 12:02am
In Pennsylvania, the final day to register to vote for this election is May 1, and the last day to apply for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballot is May 9.
04/27/23 10:39pm
In January 2022, Oh spearheaded a bipartisan letter signed by 16 out of 17 City Council members asking Penn administrators to review the role of Amy Wax.
04/27/23 10:38pm
Bloom says on his website that he supports youth engagement through volunteer work intended to teach local high school students about public service and civic engagement.
04/27/23 10:37pm
Brown has supported legislation for increased mandatory minimum sentencing requirements, according to The Philadelphia Citizen.
04/27/23 10:35pm
In a previous interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian, Brown said that he decided to enter politics after learning about food deserts.
03/28/23 1:07am
Listen to the top headlines on Tuesday, Mar. 28 with our newsletter anchor.
03/27/23 11:14pm
This year’s events covered a range of topics including decarbonization, extreme heat, sustainable energy, and climate justice. 
03/13/23 11:25pm
Penn Reproductive Justice officially launched on June 24, 2022, immediately following the Supreme Court’s overhaul of abortion rights protections.
03/02/23 2:40am
The DP spoke with University administrators and student activists to better understand Penn’s open expression guidelines and the role of the University's Committee on Open Expression in evaluating students' rights to protest on campus.
01/22/23 9:51pm
Two of the current mayoral candidates have also graduated from the University.
01/17/23 9:37pm
The Justice Department is also currently reviewing classified documents that were previously found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.
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